Tate McRae says the last few weeks have been “really crazy.”

“I’m Ready to enter the ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ Era, Tate McRae reveals to Entertainment Tonight.

But what does the ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ Era mean for her?

In her interview with Cassie DiLaura, she described her new music as “a little savage, a little rebellious.”

Sounds fun, but what else did she have to say about it?

“It has a very different sound palette,” she said.

“But also, it feels like it’s more feistier side of my personality coming out instead of more vulnerable side.”

tate mcrae

Credit Image: Dominique Van Olm/ PEOPLE Magazine

Check out the clip below to see this new “attitude.”

“For the first time, actually, the ‘Greedy’ music video feels like it’s truly 100 percent my style, my vision,” she told ET.

She added that she felt “satisfied” for the first time in her career.

But what do people think of McRae’s new change of direction?

The fans response to McRae’s latest song breaks records.

And honestly, they’re loving it!

One post said, “The song “greedy” is really sounding good on speaker.”

While another wrote, “she’s mothering.”

With many others saying it so good and calling her a “hitmaker.

Meanwhile, “Greedy” excels on Spotify with over 100 million hits!?

And if the reaction to “Greedy” is any indication than it’s likely they’re not going to care about the “good girl going bad.”

In fact, they probably look forward to seeing what she would do next.

What are some fun facts about Tate McRae?

But how well do you know Tate McRae? Let’s talk about some rumoured fun facts about the popular singer.

First, did you know that Tate McRae was the youngest musician featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 list?

Secondly, She’s super obsessed with Dua Lipa. But really who isn’t?

Third, she always wears the same necklace for performances, interviews and videos.

She considers it as her lucky charm.

Lastly, she is able to write a song in only 20 minutes! now that’s talent because her songs are awesome.

Get some more trivia on Tate McRae here.

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