First-person shooters are some of the most popular genres in the gaming industry. Starting back in 1973 with the release of Maze War, many titles in this genre have been released over the years. Of course, not all of them became bestsellers, but there were definitely a few that were liked by the majority. To prove this point, we have compiled a list of those FPS games that you can play right now, and not just play but truly enjoy.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a very fast-paced MMO first-person shooter that can be played in a variety of ways. You can use a wide range of exotic weapons, each of which has its own characteristics and looks cool. The more powerful the weapon, the more difficult it is to obtain. So, for example, to get Khvostov 7G-02, you need to solve a series of complex puzzles and find hidden secrets throughout the Pale Heart. Luckily, for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of spending a ton of time and effort, there is an excellent Destiny 2 carry service where you can purchase any weapon with just one click. So check it yourself and use it to the fullest.

One of the best things about Destiny 2 is its story. It is deep and interesting. It’s all about how people are fighting to stay alive, what power is, and what part faith and belief play in a world that is about to end. The story of the game is told through cutscenes, dialogue, and conversations that happen in the environment. The personalities are complex and well-developed.

Destiny 2 has a single-player story, but it also has a strong multiplayer component. It comes with competitive PvP modes and cooperative activities like Raids, where a group of players must work together to get past tricky and difficult obstacles. The online features of the game are very well done and make the experience smooth and fun for players.

Another important thing about Destiny 2 is that it had a lot of support after it came out. The developers are always adding new game content, like expansions, seasonal activities, and updates that add new features and ways to play. This ongoing support has helped to keep the game interesting and new for players, so there’s always something new to find and learn about.

Resident Evil Village

In Resident Evil Village, Ethan Winters continues his journey. In this game, you will use different kinds of guns to fight lycans, zombies, and other bad guys as he discovers the village of the same name. This game is all about action, and while the first half is slower and more focused on horror, the second half trades that for an action game that hits all the marks. There are huge boss fights, even bigger explosions, and hordes of enemies that you can eliminate however you like. If you want more, the Mercenaries mode has action-packed time trials that rank your fighting skills. Also, using cheats to play the story is a lot of fun. 

Metro 2033

A lot of people say that the Metro series has some of the hardest and scariest games anywhere. Metro 2033, the first game in the series and the first game made by 4A Games, puts players in the shoes of Artyom, a person who lives in the Moscow Metro tubes after the end of the world as we know it.

Players have to fight both human and mutant enemies while wearing a gas mask that shields them from radiation in some places. Sometimes the fighting in this game is really brutal, and players have to be careful not to take too much damage if they don’t want their gas mask to break and leave them open to the weather. A lot of critics and fans thought Metro 2033 was a great first game for the company because of how scary it was and how well the levels were designed.


It’s only been possible since the rise of independent games that puzzle games and first-person shooters have been put together. This is a big part of why Superhot was such a huge hit. The project’s namesake team created a short but satisfying experience that’s as interesting as it gets.

It’s clear why Superhot became such a big deal in the independent gaming world: it has a unique story and great gameplay. For their first game, the Superhot Team did a great job. The VR version made the most of this engaging medium so players could have a great time shooting and smashing their way through enemies while being right in the middle of the action.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 was one of the top single-player first-person shooters in 2016. The game earned the Best Campaign award. This category proved to be the most difficult to decide on a clear winner, as we had two games that deserved it. Doom’s throwback campaign is pure, blood-soaked ecstasy, but Respawn’s return to game-making triumphs because of its great pacing, strong mechanics, and unwavering commitment to introducing new mechanics. The tough mission “Effect and Cause” stands out as one of the best in the games.

Titanfall doesn’t last long, so we recommend playing on Hard mode — not only does it extend the campaign, but it also makes mech fighting more thrilling when you eventually get your hands on a steel scalp.

Enjoy the Game

Make the max out of your gameplay. The above shooter games offer a variety of thrilling experiences — from the deep storytelling and multiplayer modes of Destiny 2 to the intense action of Resident Evil Village. Whether you prefer the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of Metro 2033, the innovative gameplay of Superhot, or the dynamic campaign of Titanfall 2, there’s something here for every FPS fan.

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