Two American brands are teaming up to reintroduce the iconic stylings of leather jackets and shearlings back into their Fall Winter 2021 collection. Coach and Schott are teaming up with the star of the campaign Megan Thee Stallion.

Coach and Schott NYC are two American brands that created names for themselves revolving around leather goods. Coach has been known as the original house of leather and teamed up with Schott, who is renowned for the invention of the motorcycle jacket, together they have created a fall lineup of shearling jackets like no other. 

Schott NYC was founded in 1913 in New York by two brothers Irving and Jack Schott, they were the brains behind creating the first leather motorcycle jacket aka the Perfecto, which lead them to create a brand that would go down in pop culture history as a brand who styled and outfitted the leading men of Hollywood. The leather biker jacket has and probably never will go out of style, it is something that both men and women in Hollywood and the rest of the world have created their style and outfits around for decades. 

The F/W collection between Coach and Schott includes cozy and oversized outerwear that has the shape and feel of luxe coats, aviator jackets, and also includes bags, heels and slides. Each item in the collection revolves around the shearling style and is inspired by the look and plush feel of the iconic material. 

Megan the Stallion and her friends have come together to help Coach and be the star of this new collection, creating a story inspired by New York street style in the ’70s and ’80s. Coach’s creative director Stuart Vevers said “This new collaboration is a celebration of authentic, iconic American style and the craftsmanship of New York City, It is inspired by people–– past and present who embody what it means to be an individual and who inspire us. Partnering with Schott, Megan and her friends on this campaign were important to my vision for the house.” 

The campaign brought Megan along with a few of her friend’s rapper Pardi Fontaine and Megan’s close friends, Queenie (beauty influencer), Jae (jewelry maker), Daren (internet personality) and Kellon Deryck (hairstylist) together to help bring this new collection of Coach to life. “It was so fun getting Pardi, and my friends together, and we had such a blast at this shoot. All the clothes are fire, and it was great how each person’s personality came through with each look,” said Megan Thee Stallion. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine