Jersey Shore Snooki opens up about weight problems and eating disorders

Snooki kids are ready for bed and the Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi known as Snooki got real with us for “a minute for a second.” Snooki gave us a little rant on TikTok about her struggles with weight. “I have struggled with my weight my entire life. High school, not great. Wasn’t eating. Underweight. Had no energy. It was getting scary. So, high school was not a good place for me with weight.” 

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The personality TV star revealed that since she starred on Jersey Shore at the age of 21, she started to let loose and feel good about her body regardless of her size. “I was like, you know what? I’m going to enjoy my life,” said Polizzi. “I could be a size zero, size five, size eight, and I was like okay, because no matter what size I was, I’m confident. I know that I’m beautiful, I’m amazing, no matter what size I am.”

Jersey Shore Vinny Guadagnino, Nicole Polizzi (Snooki)


But on a side note, Snooki took the time to address the body shamers that attack people in the comment section of social media. There can be many haters on the Internet and Snooki wanted to educate the people who feel the need to leave fat-shaming comments. “– you want to judge people’s looks, people’s bodies? Do it in the own comfort of your a**hole mind, or just like call somebody. Call your a**hole friend to gossip about somebody’s weight.” Polizzi ended the video with some positive words, “Please, I love you. Be kind to each other.”

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