This season winter is coming faster than you’ve expected it to, and here’s what you need to do to get your car winter-ready. 

As soon as the clock struck 12 on Halloween night, mother nature decided not to wait any longer for the snow to fall. In Canada, we expect snow quite early, but as snow fell on November 1st, a lot of people drove straight to their mechanics to get their snow tires on, and some didn’t. 

For Canadian weather, snow tires are the most crucial part of your driving experience. From centimetres of snow to icy patches, this is the most important part of your seasonal check-up. 

But, what many drivers do not know is that there is more to this check-up than you realized. Getting your car winter-ready can be simple or complicated, but if you want to make sure the basics are ready for the Canadian cold this is what you need to do. 

First, always go to a reliable mechanic, mostly the dealership you bought the car from, or the dealership of the same make. This allows for the safety and reliability that you are getting everything done right, and there are no extras or add ons that do not need to be done. 

Once there, the 5 most important parts to winterizing your vehicle are winter tire, breaks, oil change, wipers and other fluids. These are the basic necessities that are known to cause the most trouble during the winter season. 

Tires and breaks are for the snow, the snow causes a lot of traction control issues. The oil and other fluids are to make sure everything runs smoothly, especially because it takes more force to drive in the snow. Your wipers are very crucial, they take a lot of pressure, from the build-up of snow to icy windshields, and you don’t want to drive with a streaky view. 

As these 5 basic changes to your car help improve your driving and help keep you safe, it is always good to especially check them before a big snowstorm, or a long trip. The Canadian winter can throw a lot of snow at us, and there is no better way to stay safe than with a good check-up. 

Now, for all of you who are inexperienced when it comes to cars, you now know what you need, and can now call yourself an experienced car owner. Just go to your mechanic, tell them to check these 5 things, and you and your car can drive safely this winter season.