SOMA is turning heads in the beauty and skincare industries with its revolutionary shower filtration system, which removes harsh chemicals while also delivering nutrients. Hard water can be extremely harmful to our hair and skin, and Stephanie Karellas, owner, and master stylist at Kroma Salon stepped out to address this issue in 2021. 

After working as a stylist in the northern GTA for over ten years, Stephanie’s driven, entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to start her own business when she began noticing that customers left the salon feeling great, only to return many weeks later with their hair colour looking flat and drab.

Although there could be several factors contributing to this, a prominent one is that the water delivered to houses contains various levels of pollutants and chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride, which can affect the health of your skin and hair.

Enter the SOMA Vitamin C Infused Shower Filter, a multi-layer filtration system designed to fit any shower head, that simplifies and improves your skin-care regimen by making pure water easily accessible. The filter works to reduce chlorine, heavy metals, odours, and harsh minerals which can cause negative reactions on your skin and be harmful with frequent exposure.  

I had the pleasure of testing out the Vitamin C Infused Shower Filter over the last month, and below is my honest review. 

Beyond my first impression of the gorgeous branding and design of the filter which can be purchased in a silver or champagne pink, a beautiful addition to any shower aesthetic. Now, as someone who doesn’t have a handy bone in her body, I was a bit wary of installing the filter myself, but to my pleasant surprise, the entire process took me less than 5-minutes The box comes with a user manual that details the benefits, usage, and care, as well as an easy 5-step installation guide. You simply unscrew your shower hose from the faucet, screw your SOMA filter to the bottom of your faucet, and screw your shower hose into the filter. The most you might need out of a toolbox is a small wrench to ensure you have tightened it enough to prevent any leakage. It’s also important to note that your SOMA filter will require changing every 3-6 months, depending on how often you shower and the severity of the water pollution where you live. To ensure you’re swapping it out when the time is right, here’s a guide outlining 5 signs you need to change your filter. 

Now that my SOMA filter was in place, I was excited or my first vitamin C-infused shower. As mentioned earlier, the filter works by filtering out dangerous particles directly from the water to prevent skin and hair irritation. The water is then loaded with vital minerals, calcium sulphate, and vitamin C using a 15-stage technique designed to restore and rebalance the skin’s pH levels. 

I let the water run for a couple of minutes as per the instructions to allow it to complete the flushing cycle process. The user manual informs you that it’s normal to see carbon particles or other minerals in your water during this step, but I didn’t notice any. 

Although I didn’t expect to see noticeable results after my first shower, as someone who lives in Miami, a city known for its hard water that often smells of sulphur, I was immediately impressed by the new clean slightly citrus smell I was experiencing in my shower. 

Since moving to Miami, a little less than a year ago, I began experiencing dandruff and dry hair which has often left me feeling self-conscious. Additionally, my boyfriend has always experienced dry, itchy skin patches on his arms. We were both very excited to track the progress of our skin and hair health over the next few weeks. 

Within about a week of showering with our new SOMA filter, we both noticed that our skin felt significantly more moisturized after getting out of the shower. So much so, that on some days, I don’t feel the need to apply lotion at all. It wasn’t until around the two-week mark that we began seeing the real results. Not only did my hair look and feel healthier, but my dandruff was about 80% gone. As for my boyfriend, he started to see a reduction in the dry patches on his arms. Fast-forward to today, 1-month of using SOMA’s Vitamin-C Infused Shower Filter, and I’m absolutely elated. My dandruff has completely subsided, my hair and skin feel softer, and my face has a healthy glow. I also must note how relieved my boyfriend is, he no longer experiences bouts of itching as the dry, red patches on his arms have calmed dramatically. 

Overall, my boyfriend and I are extremely impressed with our new shower filter and have actually joked about bringing it with us on our next vacation – we simply couldn’t imagine going back to the days of subjecting our hair and skin health to the harsh chemicals and minerals found in most water systems. 

By purchasing a SOMA Vitamin C Shower Infused Filter, you’re not only washing your way to healthier hair and skin, but SOMA, a brand that cares deeply about improving the lives of those who need support regarding their mental health, has joined hands with, a non-profit organization that develops and supports young leaders to transform mental health across Canada. So, you can shop with confidence when buying a SOMA water filter because you know that a percentage of your purchase is used to directly help someone in need.

Published by HOLR Magazine.