This holiday season is most likely going to be spent indoors, so why not turn up the heat and strip down into something beautiful from Maison Close. 

Maison Close is a luxurious lingerie brand specializing in everything that makes you feel sexy. From bras to harnesses, and stocking to handcuffs, this is the perfect holiday gift for you or someone special. 

If you’re looking to spice things up or just keep them sexy, Maison has many options for all your lingerie needs. 

What better way to feel sexy this holiday season than with some of Maisons most beautiful pieces. The Accroche Coeur Triangle Bra is just the perfect piece, with the right amount of lace, and the sleek look with its triangle shape, it is perfect for that little bit of edge everyone needs. To go with it, the Le Petit Secret Dentelle matches it perfectly, the lace makes it sexy but still subtle and not too cheeky as well. 

If you’re looking for something to spice things up a lot, Maison Close also sells many accessories. There is no shame in wanting or needing to spice things up, and Maison helps you get everything you need all in one place. 

From masks (and not the medial ones we’re used to wearing), to handcuffs, harnesses and even crops, all these accessories can be a great gift for you or your partner, and a way to add some fun into the relationship. 

This french brand is the perfect way to feel sexy again, at an affordable price, what better brand to buy lingerie from than a french one. Maison Close shows you that you can feel great in anything, even if it is as little as some lace. So, spoil yourself or your partner and maybe even try out some new accessories this holiday season. 

HOLR’s Top Selects from Maison Close 

Teddy – Madame Rêve – Black 

This tulle teddy is the perfect balance between comfortable and sophisticated. At just 99 Euros, this strappy bodice is the perfect nightwear, allowing you to feel sexy, even when you’re sleeping. 

Wire bra – Corps à Corps 

This wire bra is sleek and sexy. Coming in three different shades of nude to match any skin tone. This bra is elegant, as it sculpts, and can be discreet but with flare as it is made with tulle. At just 69 euros, it also comes with two adjustable straps, one neon and the other to match the bra tone. 

Mini Thong – Tapage Nocturne – Red 

Everyone needs a cute red thong. This sensual and comfortable thong is the perfect red piece. Made from ultra soft microfiber this can be used for any occasion day or night. The best part, well it is adjustable, for all your comfort needs. At just 39 euros this is the perfect everyday mini thong. 

Long Kimono – Madame Rêve – Black 

The kimono is the perfect layer to any piece of lingerie. This kimono made from tulle is the perfect accent to your beautiful body, highlighting your every curve. Wear it with or without any of Maison’s lingerie and it will have you feeling free and submissive. At just 149 euros, this long kimono highlights luxury and freedom. 

20 deniers Back seamed stockings – Les Coquetteries 

Stockings will never go out of style. These back seamed stockings highlight your legs, and add elegance and provocativeness to any outfit or lingerie set. Pair it with some suspender straps, to elevate the look. At just 25 euros these black stockings will get you all the attention.