Traveling is any man’s life delight, which is true when traveling in Croatia. Finding accommodation, however, is a daunting task for anyone who merely wants to relax. Specifically, wealthy people focus on two luxurious options in their escapades: holiday rentals or hotels. Which of these accommodations will best suit the guest travelers? This article discusses the difference and helps travelers decide what type of accommodation is best for them. 

Floor Area

Rentals in traveling parlance generally translate to transient houses that someone can rent for a certain period. Thus, renting a luxurious rental can mean borrowing a possible mansion-level type of house for a particular period. Luxury villas also cover a large floor area, often existing as two-story houses. Some luxurious ones cover a large portion of outside space as well. 

A typical hotel unit consists of the essentials such as bedding, a small desk, and a shower. Hotel units also come as a room rather than living and breathable spaces. Thus, even a luxurious hotel with additional tables, lounges, and wardrobes will still miss having a kitchen. 



One way to look at the difference between rentals and hotels lies with intention. 

Companies built hotels the way it is because convenience is a large necessity in the traveling context. Every minuscule detail of room design and service in hotels accounts for the convenience of accommodation. For instance, even the most luxurious hotels include the essentials like beds and shower areas while considering the desks and tables as furnishings. Hotels also prepare the meals as per the request of the guests. 

Rental houses focus less on convenience and emphasize bringing a homey ambiance. The home vibes should penetrate the designs and the functionality and the facilities around the house. This means guests get to own their schedules instead of following the hotels. 


Food and Service

Convenience is the keyword that defines a hotel, and the hotel brings this through the room and food service. Room services are stellar in traveling because guests capitalize on hospitality to meet their needs. This is separate from the fixed amenities that each room occupant will receive. The beauty of amenities in a luxurious hotel spawns not just some basic hygienic items. Instead, hotels of this level can offer their guests a free mini-fridge full of wines and beers, pajama outfits, bathrobes, and even slippers. 

As a house accommodation, rental properties prioritize facilities over service. This is due to the lessor’s intention to let the guest use the house however they want within the paid period of occupancy. And because rentals cover more floor areas, lessors can install elaborate facilities as they wish. Because of that, the kitchen becomes available, and so does the possibility of a Jacuzzi, sauna, libraries, pools, and even leisure rooms. Rentals can also own the land around the house. This would spring many activities like exercise, planting, barbeque grilling, and other outdoor activities.