Based in Tuttlingen, Germany, Storz and Bickel manufacture some of the most high-end cannabis vaporizers on the market. 

On September 8th, we were invited on a trip to Tuttlingen to see where it all started and to celebrate the release of the Volcano Classic Peace Edition. It was an insightful experience to see the care that goes into producing the most cutting edge vaporizers that are continually a market stand out. Each device is carefully made by hand in the S&B Vapor Factory so you can trust they are producing quality products that stand the test of time.

Volcano Classic Peace Edition 

With the world in turmoil and certainly in need of more peace, Storz and Bickel crafted this unique addition to their product lineup to do their part. The Volcano Classic Peace Edition is special edition version of the customer-favourite Volcano Classic but with a deeper purpose.
The desktop vaporizer was designed to raises awareness around the basic human need that we could all use a little bit more of – Peace. As part of this launch, Storz and Bickel is donating 100€ from each sale of the Peace Volcano to a number of different charities for a total sum of 100,000€.
This limited edition release, will see only 1000 units available for purchase. The carefully thought-out design integrates elements of harmony and peace with a powder-coated matte white cone and elegant engraving reading, “With Love for Peace”. Each cone also has a numbered engraving on it from 0001-1000 to signify which of the limited-edition units you have purchased.
Storz and Bickel vape
Outside of the Volcano Classic being the best dry herb desktop vaporizer with its aesthetic design, ease of use and unprecedented flavour, this edition is filled with purpose. The recipients of the money raised from the sale of Volcano Classic Peace will be different charities which focus on humanitarian aid in Ukraine and support of women, children, and those effected by war. Such as: CARE, Ärzte der Welt, Ukraine Charity, Razom for Ukraine.
Learn more about the Storz and Bickel Peace campaign and product here.
Watch our experience in Tuttlingen with Storz and Bickel here.