Tom Brady straps up in his football gear and steps onto the pitch to get down and dirty. Off the field, he is one of the most stylish athletes in the world.

Does Tom Brady move on the street like he does on the field? let’s find out!

Matching with the wifey

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Lone Wolf

Brady joins his Brazilian model wife, Gisele Bündchen on the street. The mix of casual and formal is apparant starting from the shoes. The shoes are black leather with a rounded edge. He is wearing a navy blue pants with flared bottoms, a black buckle-less belt, and a purple shirt and a grey v-neck sweater, both tucked in. The quarterback completes his look with a nude trench coat with a matching handbag to add some spice to his outfit. The matching top by his wife is a match made in heaven.

Tom Brady on the street.

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Couple in Black and White

Brady steps forward with his left foot and looks fresh on the street. He is wearing blue washed skinny jeans perfect for casual wear. It looks like Brady is in love with the beige colour as he can’t get enough of it. He walks with the colour he seems obsessed with according to his previous fit. The athlete finalizes his look with a grey knitted sweater and a navy blue harrington jacket.

Tom Brady with his wife.

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The Brazilian model joins his athlete husband as they walk in all black with white plain t-shirts. Brady is wearing a long-ish velvet coat just with the middle button buckled up. The black skinny pants are matched with black shoes with a square edge and high heels. Brady is 6’3 and he clearly doesn’t need the height. Some extra height doesn’t hurt. Just look at those heels on his wife!

As Casual As Can Be

Tom Brady walking on the street.

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This fit will be relatable to a lot of the teenagers who spent hours enjoying their time at the skatepark as teenagers. The classic high-tops with the white souls is classic summer streetwear. Brady is rocking the dark black crewneck sweatshirt with a long-white shirt sticking out to complete the look. His left hand is carrying a stylish camo-green handbag with a watch on the wrist. To add some life, Brady is wearing a snapback with the letter ‘B’ on it. I wonder what that could stand for?

‘How May I Assist you?’

Tom Brady on the phone.

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If only it was apparant as to what was underneath Brady’s long black coat. I look closely and it looks like a cardigan because of the small ‘v’ at the end, and the colour looks grey. To match with the top half of his fit, Brady decides to go with flared up chino pants that are almost covering his white trainers. Brady is not only ringing someone on the phone, but his wedding finger is doing the same with a plain gold ring. This time, he is covering his scruffy hair with a very dark beanie that compliments his cardigan and chino pants. By the look of the tree on the right, it could be winter, or it could be fall with the way the leaves look on the tree thats on the left of us.

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