Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can, spins a web, any size, blends his outfits with incisive improvise. No one’s seen him in a while, It’s time to check out his streetwear style.

Everyone saw a comparable smaller Tom Holland to his Avengers compatriots help take down the mammoth Thanos. Holland did it with natural superhero ability, and rocked the Spider-Man suit as well as anyone before him, if not better. Fortunately for Holland, he can roam the pavements and pull off his unique style just as well as he did with his modern-day ‘spidey-suit.’

Holland’s style brings together contemporary items with classic elements giving off insanely masculine vibes. A school-boy Hollywood star pairing flawless tailored pieces with casual staples. It’s no wonder Zendaya is so impressed by him.

Here are some of his best looks on the street.

Holland in Stripes

Tom Holland in Stripes.

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Holland walking the street in a manly-look, thanks to a tonal outfit that rolls back the decades. In a throwback 50’s feel, Holland opts to wear a striped, open-collar shirt in colours of  burgundy, black and white. A small pocket is also on the shirt adding a little bit more to it. To match, he has picked out a pair of green straight-chinos which compliments the burgundy very well. Also, a pair of white sneaker are never out of style. To accessorize, all Holland needs is a watch.

Synder Block

Tom Holland looking sharp on the street.

Image Credit: gq-magazine.co.uk

The Todd Synder cardigan. That is the featured item in this picture, and how can it not be? Just look at the way it’s standing out. This cardigan is something you would see in the 70’s, with its argyle detailing and zig-zag design. Italy’s famed Tollegno mill is where the merino wool that is preciously used to sew the cardigan originates from. It’s warm, stylish, and an ideal pick for transitional weather. A camel coloured wool coat is used to complete the look, which also has cuffs with relatively large buttons on them. A pair of navy blue pants and black leather shiny shoes are worn to complete the formal yet casual look.

Coffee Run?

Tom Holland grabs a coffee with Zendaya.

Image Credit: people.com

There is nothing like roaming the streets with your significant other in matching outfits, is it? A pair of washed light blue baggy jeans is just what you need for comfort. A large pink sweatshirt with a white t-shirt sticking out gives it the contrast the outfit needs. To top it off, Holland finishes it off with a grey beanie and white sneakers with a little bit of brown on them. An ideal fit for a morning coffee run.

Is that Peter Parker?

Tom Holland with a shoebox.

Image Credit: twitter.com

Here we have Holland bringing his ‘Peter Parker’ persona to life. He is wearing a burgundy checkered shirt, a colour he is clearly fond of. How can we blame him, he does look good in red afterall. To compliment the shirt, Holland is wearing a zip-up navy-blue hoodie, perfect for casual wear. Easy to take off and easy to wear. He wears a pair of dark blue straight-fitted pants and grey sneakers to match with the shoe box? Surely not…

Which outfit was your favourite?

Published by: HOLR Magazine.