Fresh off his Grammy hosting gig, Trevor Noah may not have worn some of the best outfits at the award show, but his casual street style is where he looks his best. 

The Daily Show host and comedian sure knows when to dress it up and when to dress it down, especially since as a tv show host he is always wearing a suit. 

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The comedian knows how to keep his style simple and truly that is all you need sometimes. Usually celebrities ‘try’ really hard to make themselves pull off outfits just because they are celebrities and they think they can, and that is why we like Trevor’s style, it’s simple, and anyone can pull it off. 

Trevor is known mostly for keeping it simple, as a guy, there are a few ways to make your style versatile and allow it to fit any occasion. For Trevor, he knows that a clean, plain t-shirt and jeans are the perfect look for anything, whether he’s walking his dog or just grabbing a coffee. 

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Over the last few years, Trevor has been seen only a handful of times out and about, but when you see him you know he doesn’t miss. Some outfits that are perfect for Trevor, or any guy is a crisp t-shirt, a good pair of pants and maybe a sneaker to elevate the look. In one particular look, Trevor is seen in a clean white tee, green cargo pants and a pair of Yeezys. The look is so simple but perfect, it isn’t trying too hard to be cool, but at the same time it is cool because cargo pants are back in style, and of course, everyone wears Yeezys. 

There are a handful of times where you’ll see Trevor wearing something you know a stylist picked out for him, usually, if he is on his way to an event or something involving press, in this particular outfit, Trevor pulls off a very common look nowadays, his outfit is filled will pieces that look vintage, but essentially are brand new. 


This look is great, it’s a little more upscale, it has a utilitarian look but also brings in the casual side of fashion too. One rule celebrities love breaking is the rule of colour in fashion, one of the biggest is to not mix black and blue, in this outfit, Trevor mixes black with blue and grey, but seamlessly pulls it off. 

Another great thing about Trevor is his ability to be carefree, all week he wears suits for the Daily Show so why not relax a bit while going out for a coffee. His casual wear is always great, but at least he knows not to mix brands. The comedian is seen wearing an all-black hoodie and track pant ensemble, which is Adidas, and of course keeping it on-brand by pairing it again with a Yeezy, which is an Adidas shoe. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine 

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