It’s no secret that Zendaya is one of the world’s most adored fashion icons. But this status holds true even for her bold, relaxed, and unique street style.

Zendaya is, undoubtedly, a triple-threat. She’s a singer, actress, model, muse– and even a fashion designer. There’s nothing Z can’t do. So it was no surprise to the world when she debuted her first line: Daya by Zendaya. The triple-threat star has always been known for her remarkable, boundary-pushing red carpet looks. For instance: her custom Balmain look for the Venice International Film Festival, her (many) Met Gala looks, her look for the CFDA Awards (where she even accepted a trophy for the Fashion Icon Award), and countless more. Credit where credit is due: Zendaya’s striking, sleek, yet nonchalant red-carpet style is certainly curated by her stylist, Law Roach. And Roach has certainly influenced Zendaya’s personal street style.

Whether she’s stepping out for fashion week, heading to a talk show, or simply on a walk around the city, the world turns to Zendaya for street style inspiration. Her style brings us a fresh, unique twist on the ultimate cool-girl style. She often wears baggy trousers, button-up shirts, and sleek winter coats. But she’s no stranger to bold patterns, unique silhouettes, and vibrant colours. Here are a few of our favourite Zendaya street style looks:

Look 1

Zendaya Street Style


There’s nothing like a classic, and Zendaya certainly proves that. She brings a twist to a sleek pinstripe suit with white sneakers, bold eye-makeup, and appliques.

Look 2



Relaxed yet striking: three words that perfectly encapsulate Z’s street style. Her bold black-and-white coat creates a stark contrast against her monochromatic outfit base and her white Louboutins.

Look 3

Zendaya in Sacai

Neil Warner / MEGA

Fashion week is, undoubtedly, Zendaya’s playground. All gazes turn to her during fashion week, as her street style is experimental, daring, and nearly exhilarating to see. She often wears bolder colours, stylish patterns, and unique silhouettes. For instance, here, she wears a Sacai orange suit with deconstructed trousers, a statement top, and a unique, dual-pattern coat.

Look 4

Zendaya Monochromatic Street Style


Monochromatic looks are certainly Z’s thing. Her style is striking, even if it’s in a more muted colour palette. Take, for instance, her monochromatic sage-green-mint-green blend. Her knit sweater and unique trousers reminiscent of cargo pants, combined with sparkling heels, a sleek winter coat, and a beret make for a stylish monochromatic look.

Look 5

Zendaya Street Style


Zendaya blends comfort and style with this oversized satin ensemble, paired with blue heels and a bold red lip.

Look 6

Zendaya wearing a mango-coloured Carolina Herrera dress and headband

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Summertime is the perfect time to dress in striking, vibrant colours, and elegant, feminine drapes. Case in point: Zendaya’s stunning Carolina Herrera moment, paired with a matching headband and white Louboutins.

Look 7

Zendaya in Peter Do

Tom + Lorenzo

Zendaya is no stranger to unique ways of design and style– and neither is Peter Do. On her way to GMA, Zendaya wore this stunning sheer Peter Do ensemble, and undoubtedly turned heads wherever she went.

Look 8

Zendaya Street Style

Getty Images / Gotham

Comfortable yet stylish seems to be only one part of Z’s multi-layered street style, but it’s certainly one that’s worth drawing attention to. She often works with one-of-a-kind pieces or unique fitting silhouettes, and this look is one of the former! It’s laid back yet classic, and no doubt perfect for a spring or fall day outside.

Look 9

Zendaya Tommy Hilfiger

Tom + Lorenzo

Closing off with a classic, here’s one of Z’s most adored looks. The sleek trench-style coat paired with the stylish boots and a patterned dress certainly makes Zendaya worthy of her status as one of Hollywood’s most beloved fashion icons.

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