Machine Gun Kelly, better known as MGK, burst onto the scene due to his unique music. He is also known for his unique style.

Colsen Baker is known for his combining of contemporary and alternative hip hop with rock. The rapper’s vision of music is a reflection of his dressing sense on the street. For MGK, “too much” is never enough, as he carries his rock & roll sense of style on his tall frame.

MGK’s looks have become more maximalist over the years. The artist stuck to edgy staples that were more traditional at the time. These staples included all-black outfits, animal prints, and reptilian boots. Kelly now experiments with his looks, opting to go for sequins, pearls, neon, and different textures.

One thing is for sure: He is not afraid to mix things up and look extravagant. Check out some of his infamous street style outfits below.

MGK in zebra print

Machine Gun Kelly off to a party.

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MGK’s grunge style is evident while he was attending the debut of Cardi B’s Kaos nightclub residency in 2019. The rapper decided to go for a plain black top, and a pair of skinny black trousers. He brought his outfit to life with the zebra-print mohair coat that fell down just above his knees. In addition were the accessories used by MGK. Kelly layered his outfit with silver chain necklaces, and opted for the black leather combat boots.

MGK in all black

MGK in all black.

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It appears as if MGK loves the colour black. Here, Kelly is wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, paired with a black graphic long-sleeve top. The classic Vans are never out of style, and MGK is proof of that. He decided to stay away from the amount of accessories for this outfit, though there were still some that are visible. He went for a silver theme for the extras. The earrings are silver, so is his watch, and his rings as well. The talented artist also has silver nails.

MGK in chainmail

Machine Gun Kelly in chain mail.

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Yes, you heard that right. MGK is rocking the chainmail tank with unlimited confidence. We wonder if it was heavy or not. To go with the silver chainmail, Kelly is wearing black skinny jeans, because he apparently loves those. Interestingly, the fly on the jeans is missing a zipper. Instead, the artist has gone for safety pins to close the gap. The accessories involve a black and white bandana wrapped around his neck, as well as some jewellery. This again involves silver ear rings, and silver bracelets on both of his wrists. The oxford studded boots match with the plethora of silver.

MGK in pink

MGK in pink.

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Oh so this is what MGK looks like when he isn’t in black. This time, we get to see the rapper in pink ensemble. To start off, Kelly is wearing a white tank top. To layer that is a pink denim jacket that is a little oversized with the arms of the jacket uncuffed, giving it a relaxed look. The pants are rather unique, that are skinny, but not skin tight. The pair have a sequence covered across them, except for the thick stripe of white on the outside of the pants. He is wearing a gold chain and his classic Vans to top off this look.

Which look was your favourite?

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