Oversized, short, tailored or billowing? Here are a few ways to style yourself into a blazer for any season.

Image via rihannarange.com

Baggy Rihanna.

Rihanna arrived at the Parson’s Benefit Gala in a camel brown suit 10 sizes bigger than it should have been — but it worked. The shoulders hit her biceps and fell into sleeves folded up like a quilt around her forearms. The pop star’s silhouette gave the impression that she was tucked into a comforter when a seamstress found her and sewed new lines over the blanket to create a show-stopping look.

The exaggerated, voluptuous blazer is one of our favourites — mainly because of its edgy departure from the streamlined tailoring we’re so used to seeing on the runway. Its features add so much strength to an outfit, especially because of those divisive 40’s shoulder pads we either love or hate. Just think of the head turns from a night out with a padded jacket and drooping shoulders like this one. The plushness reminds us of the dream-infused inspiration for coats decorated with pillow-like collars at Victor & Rolf’s F/W RTW 2005 runway.

Image via Patricia Schlein

Gaga, Oversized.

Last week, I watched Lady Gaga in her Netflix documentary Five Foot Two and I was tickled by how she played dress-up with her wardrobe at every hour of the day.

Once feared and revered for her outlandish costumes, the pop star has come to love taking traditional silhouettes and reinterpreting them in a way that screams “GAGA” — and the camera always loves it.

In this case she pushes up her sleeves and swings out in a luxy sports bra under the jacket. She pulled off the oversized men’s inspired suit with platforms, a sensible pair of black framed glasses and a pompadour-like hair sweep from her face — surely a nod to the rockstar suit. You will never go wrong with a peak lapel and confidence to boot!

Image via Jim Smeal/WireImage

Backwards Like Celine.

Even today, Celine Dion is a stylish member of the art world. We think it’s worth looking back at how the queen of our hearts will go on to become a fashion influencer of the red carpet for years yet to arrive.

Part of the beauty of a backwards blazer is the elegant neckline that falls flat across the shoulder blades. The covered front is a prelude to an exposed back, leaving enough space to let your hair flow and pulls attention to the face framed by the high neckline.

Image via Lionel Deluy for Thom Browne


Thom Browne’s eyewear campaign for SS17 portrayed motionless models in shrunken suits. The over styled suits contrasted the classic shape of the glasses on their faces and played with the versatility of Thom Browne for his design of male and female styles, as if the suits could be adopted by either gender and the short cut would still be cool. The silhouette is a dramatization of the love-it-or-hate-it crop that’s made its way onto the racks of every fashion retailer you can think of.

Stella McCartney. Image via WGSN

There’s no proportion too small to be stylish when it comes to a cropped blazer. Alternatively, we also like the short sleeve suits Stella McCartney did for her SS18 collection. Touché!

Dame Vivienne Westwood shot by Gian Paolo Barbieri

The Westwood Classic.

Dame Vivienne Westwood has always incorporated classic English design into punk fashion. In this case, we take time to appreciate the plaids and precision of her designs. The loosely classic tailoring leaves space for embellishment to be layered on top in the form of jewelry, pins and sashes. Never has a perfect-fitting blazer been written out of style.

Stella Schnabel in Vivienne Westwood, image via WGSN

Here’s to all blazers: to the loose ones or those tailored tight, to the puffy ones and those oversized panes of Gaga’s glammed threads. We love you.