The glitz and glamour of Paris Fashion Week reached new heights as some of Bollywood’s finest graced the event with their presence.

Suhana Khan, Sonam Kapoor, and Ananya Panday, known for their impeccable style, turned heads and stole the spotlight, adding an extra dose of star power to the prestigious fashion extravaganza.

A Glimpse Into Suhana’s Impeccable Red Carpet Look:

Suhana Khan, the daughter of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, made a stunning debut at Paris Fashion Week, showcasing her innate sense of style and fashion-forward choices. Her red carpet appearance was nothing short of a showstopper, as she effortlessly blended sophistication with a hint of contemporary allure. She graced the Paris show by Rahul Mishra with her presence.

Sonam’s Fashion Choices Set the Ramp Ablaze:

Sonam Kapoor, a name synonymous with fashion in Bollywood, continued to be a trailblazer at Paris Fashion Week. Her timeless elegance was on full display as she effortlessly carried off her outfit. She showcased one of her most refined black ensembles to date, featuring a long dress paired elegantly with a belt and cropped jacket. Adding a unique twist, she adorned her braided hairstyle and complemented the look with stylish black boots and a matching bag.

Sonam also posted snapshots of her stylish all-black ensemble on Instagram, expressing in her caption, “Effortlessly Dior.”


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Ananya Panday’s Youthful Charm:

Ananya Panday brought a breath of fresh air to Paris Fashion Week with her youthful and vibrant presence. The actress embraced contemporary styles with enthusiasm, showcasing her understanding of the latest fashion trends. Ananya’s outfits were a reflection of her dynamic personality, making her a standout among her peers. She marked her international runway debut at Paris Fashion Week: Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024, where she graced the ramp for renowned fashion designer Rahul Mishra. However, she wasn’t the sole Indian celebrity present at this esteemed fashion week.

Ananya adorned herself in a striking black and golden ensemble as she confidently strutted down the runway. Adding a unique touch to her appearance, the actor carried a substantial sieve, enhancing the overall allure of her look.  Ananya wrote on Instagram Stories, “Walking for Rahul Mishra at Paris Couture Week.”

Rahul Mishra posted on Instagram, “Hello baby girl. Welcome to the world of couture. Ananya Panday for Rahul Mishra at Paris Couture Week.” (here)

As the curtains drew on Paris Fashion Week, the Indian representation, led by Suhana Khan, Sonam Kapoor, and Ananya Panday, left an indelible mark on the global fashion stage. Their impeccable fashion choices and distinctive styles added a touch of Bollywood glamour to the prestigious event, reaffirming the influence of Indian cinema on the world of fashion.

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