The start of this month marked Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021. We saw Paris’ best-dressed break out of isolation to showcase their unique styles across a number of days and shows. Today, we are taking a look at some of the trends we can see cropping up, and what we can expect to see coming into mainstream fashion soon.

 Right away, what we can see with a lot of these outfits is the use of a simple, monotone colour palette. Sticking to one colour and going for a baggier silhouette seems to be a popular choice.

Another trend we have been seeing is a change to a more formal style. Streetwear has long dominated fashion weeks for the past few years, so the rise of more formal wear is a welcome change.

Showcased best here is the biggest trend of the year, the mask. The mask can be worn as medical aid and kept separate from your outfit, or it also can be integrated into your outfit.

Again, we see the trend of going for a one colour outfit, with a focus on baggy and oversize. We also see more minimalism and less focus on brands and the logomania which has dominated luxury fashion.

A great couple’s outfit, these show how more formal styles are growing in popularity with the mainstream fashion crowds.

A neutral colour palette seems to be the norm for this fashion week. The beige oversized jacket seems to be a staple in many of these outfits.

Standing out from the crowd, this bold colour palette works perfectly.

Going for an all-over print look, this outfit makes a statement whilst also keeping things simple.

An elegant outfit, again we see the oversized fit and single colour outfit.

This outfit stood out, mixing workwear elements such as the overalls with high-fashion and formal items such as the Chanel purse and blazer.

A simple yet beautiful outfit. Keeping it simple with all-black and focusing on the fit of the items.

Even men’s fashion seems to be welcoming the oversized beige jacket trend.

This colour palette has been continually popular, and I feel will dominate next year. Mixing neutral shades of beige and black, it gives off a sense of elegance and luxury in a simplistic way.

Here we see the baggier trouser trend in a very wearable way. Paired with trainers and a statement jacket.

Not everyone went for a monotone colour scheme. These pops of colour highlighted how to be experimental with the formal trend of blazers and trousers.

I see this look becoming very popular due to its wearability. The oversized beige jacket goes incredibly well with a simple pair of trousers and black boots.

Being playful with colour, this outfit seems to match the surgical colour of the masks many of us wear on a daily basis.

A classic simple look. This proves you can never go wrong with timeless pieces, even at fashion week.

Baggy trousers and hems which scraped the floor seemed to be massively popular this year.

Beige tones, masks, baggy trousers and a more formal choice of clothing. This outfit sums up many of the trends we can saw on Paris’ streets.

The street style of Paris Fashion Week shows us what fashions best are wearing, and what we can expect to see enter the mainstream. It seems monotone or tonal outfits dominated the streets, as did formal wear such as blazers. Baggy trousers were also incredibly popular, especially when paired with long, baggy trousers.

The go-to item for many Parisians seemed to be the oversized beige jacket. It is a staple that I feel will see a huge resurgence in mainstream fashion in the coming months.