Sometimes a cocktail is a necessary summer accessory. That’s why Chia Kougianos has rounded up these simple recipes to quench your thirst and help you beat the heat so you can stay refreshed all season long, no matter where you are.

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From frozen slushies to seasonal staples, these delectable drinks hit the spot like nothing else. Get ready to raise your a glass as we celebrate the season with these summer cocktails that rightfully belong on your bucket list.

Mermaid Lemonade

With just five ingredients this elegant cocktail has an unbeatable tropical taste. You can expect every round to be gone faster than you can say, “Under the Sea”


2 c. ice

1/4 c. blue curaçao

1 c. white rum

2 c. lemonade

4 lemon slices

8 maraschino cherries


Place 1/4 cup of ice in each glass, and then add a splash of blue curaçao, 1/4 cup rum, and another 1/4 cup ice. Pour over 1/2 cup lemonade. Skewer a lemon slice and add two maraschino cherries together with a paper umbrella or toothpick and garnish before serving.

Triple Layer Piña Coladas

After one sip of this feisty cocktail you won’t mind getting caught in the rain. Aptly nicknamed a liquid vacation, this classic drink is given a serious upgrade and promises to transport you to a different tropical oasis with every layer.  


3 oz. rum

1 1/2 c. pineapple

3 tsp. agave syrup

3 tbsp. coconut cream

3 oz. lime juice

1 c. ice

12 strawberries, chopped

2 small peach, chopped

Strawberries, for garnish

Toasted sweetened coconut for garnish


Fill your blender with 1/3 of the rum, pineapple, agave nectar, coconut cream, lime juice, and ice. Set aside. Repeat two more times, first adding strawberry, and then peach.

Blend mixture and pour into serving glass in layers starting with base mix, then strawberry mix, and lastly peach. Make sure to chill each layer before adding the next.


Beat the Heat Slushies

This is the kind of cocktail that allows you to have a drink and eat it too. Sit back and relax as the booze-infused ice soaks into your glass while you sip, then enjoy the adult-friendly treat once your glass is almost empty.


4 c. frozen raspberries

1 (750 ml) bottle white wine

2 (12 oz) cans Spindrift® Raspberry Lime

1/4 c. vodka

Juice of 1/2 lime

4 slices lime for garnish


Combine the raspberries, wine, Spindrift, vodka, and lime juice in a blender and blend until smooth. Divide among glasses and garnish each with a slice of lime.


Bahama Mama

The Bahama Mama is a beloved classic cocktail and is the kind of drink that will keep you refreshed and cool all summer long thanks to its perfect ratio of juice to alcohol.  



2 parts orange juice

1 part pineapple juice

1 part dark rum

1/2 part coconut rum

1/2 part lime juice


Splash grenadine

Pineapple wedges for serving

Maraschino cherries for serving


Fill a glass with ice. Pour over orange juice, pineapple juice, dark rum, coconut rum, lime juice and grenadine. Garnish with pineapple and maraschino cherries.


Margarita Snow Cones

It’s not summer without at least one round of margaritas, so why not quench your thirst with this delightful frozen cocktail as it’s given a fresh makeover. 


4 oz. tequila

2 oz. triple sec

1/2 c. lime juice

1 tbsp. honey

Lime wedges

Margarita salt

2 c. Ice


In a measuring cup, combine tequila, triple sec, lime juice and honey and stir until honey is fully dissolved. Run a lime wedge around the rims of two glasses and dip in salt.

In a blender, blend ice until the consistency resembles shaved ice. Using an ice cream scoop, add shaved ice into some glasses, then pour the tequila mixture over the shaved ice, garnish with a lime round and serve.



Classic Spicy Caesar 




Celery Salt


Tabasco Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Clamato Juice


Matt & Steve’s The Extreme Bean  (The Extreme Bean is a spicy pickled bean with just the right amount of heat. After your first bite you will be hooked. Use it as a garnish in your favourite cocktail, as an appetizer for any event or do what all Extreme Bean addicts do, eat them right out of the jar!)

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