Most people have been spending all of their time at home or at least significantly more time than they used to, Staring at the same rooms full of the same stuff day in and day out can feel exhausting. 

While we may be tempted to make big decorating decisions or new furniture purchases to change up our space, there is a lower-stakes place to channel that energy by trying to swap out some of your everyday household items with more sustainable, attractive, and fun alternatives. 


Changed Started

Things that often live out in the open, and that you use with great frequency, but probably have not been paid that much attention to. From toothbrushes to dustpans, here are some objects that are worth a modest investment, because sometimes the small things really can make a difference.

Healthy Human Life

Healthy Human bottle brush set:

Every sustainable kitchen needs bottle brushes for those hard-to-reach crevices in your reusable bottles. The Healthy Human multi-purpose 3-piece bottle brush set covers all the bases without using any plastic.


Takada Handy Broom and Natural Wood Dustpan:

Gooddee curates eco-conscious, and this broom and dustpan are no exception. You can feel virtuous about cleaning because you’re cleaning, but also because you are doing it with durable tools that are good for the earth and easy on the eyes.


Wood-Handled Dish Rack:

Yamazaki Home is generally a genius brand when it comes to streamlined, functional design—but their dish rack may just take the cake. It’s an elevated and sturdy version of the one that is probably sitting on your counter and comes in the prettiest shade of grey made especially for, and only at, Food52.


 Reusable Water Bottle:

If you swap just one thing in your entire kitchen, make it a reusable water bottle. This one item will cut down on an average of about 364 water bottles per person each year. The Healthy Human Stein water bottles offer a lightweight, insulated durable stainless steel design that should never leave your side. 


Humble Brush Bamboo Toothbrush:

Even though it would be great if the bristles weren’t plastic, Humble Brush’s vegan, the biodegradable, bamboo toothbrush does away with the tiresome plastic toothbrush handle. We can’t wait until they solve the riddle of the bristles.

Published on HOLR Magazine.