Bode is a New York-based menswear brand that started in 2016, the family-run business has taken off these last few years and now is taking its New York stylings to Los Angeles. 


Like many fashion brands, they usually start from a family business that is known to an eclectic group of people who really love the work the family puts into their clothing. Bode was created by Emily Adams Bode, and her work reflects that of an old-timey family business, set with vintage history, and needlework motifs. 

Bode is a brand that does a lot of their work custom, meaning that some of the pieces can be tailored to you, your personality or your family tree. Many celebrities like Harry Styles have been seen in these custom Bode pieces, for instance, Bode created a trouser that reflected much of Harry’s personal aesthetic, his family ties, and his tattoos. 

As the brand becomes more familiar, Emily Bode has decided to expand into Los Angeles, one of the biggest cities in the world for fashion. Besides their home in New York, Los Angeles would be the best fit for Bode’s second expansion store, not only for the celebrity culture but for the aesthetic of vintage, eclectic and patchwork that many in LA really love. 

Founder Emily Adams Bode knows that this is a perfect fit for the next level of Bode, starting in 2016 Bode wanted to keep the brand from overexpansion, so there were no investors and they only worked on a cashflow basis. As a brand with a high volume of custom-made orders, Bode has seen progressive numbers from 2018-to 2021, which means the company is doing well for new clientele. 


The style of Bode is very unique, its attention to detail for their garments is like no other brand out there. The traditional look of their clothes is one thing, but the other is taking and using historical imagery, and vintage materials to create one-of-a-kind garments. 

For Bode, the brand is already labelled as a high-end luxury brand and the is because of two things, how unique the brand’s work is, and 2, how the brand is self-sufficient in itself. The success of the brand does not come from 1 or 2 celebrities wearing their clothes, it comes from the idea of keeping the brand virtually integrated and allowing Emily Adams Bode and her partners to stay in the know of each and every piece that leaves the company. Bode now has a store in New York and LA but for your custom order visit their website. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine