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ashlee keating

Image Credit: Combina Key

Ashlee Keating is revolutionizing the pop music industry with her dynamic sound! The artist recently released her hit pop single, “SAUCY”, which represents feeling confident and loving the skin you’re in.

Today, HOLR is chatting with the singer about her fierce song that has become an anthem for both female empowerment and PRIDE Month. Keep reading to learn all about Ashlee and this new era of music she’s entering, as she takes the pop world by storm!

ashlee keating

Image Credit: Combina Key

You’re taking the pop world by storm! Tell us more about your passion for music and how you got started in the industry.

Thank you very much! Music is like my first love- I can’t live without music.

It’s my heart and soul, and the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve been in tune with my emotions and started to write. I want to pour my heart and soul into my music. I was born to be a performer- I was very extra and loved performing. I loved being on stage and in front of the camera- all the things!

I knew when I was born this was a given gift that was a part of me that I would feel lost without. My career started with me knowing what I wanted to do. I was also on Broadway when I was a kid- I just never stopped!

You recently released your hit pop single “SAUCY”, which represents feeling confident and loving the skin you’re in. Where did the inspiration behind this song come from?

It’s funny- I co-wrote it during the pandemic. Things started getting better during my birthday in September and I was like restaurants are open so let’s eat outside [for my birthday]. I had a little gathering with my girls who I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic and the world was literally shut down, so we were all excited to be out and get glam.

The term “Saucy” kept being thrown around the dinner table when we first got together. We would say things like, “Oh you look so saucy, girl!” I didn’t think anything of it at the time, sitting there. I just thought it was fun and cool. Then, I was having a conversation during my session and Saucy is about being sexy, empowered, and being a bad b*tch! It’s giving that self-confidence and feeling yourself.

I wanted a song for sure like that, and I was telling the story to my co-writers and they loved the term! That’s really just how the story and the song came about.

ashlee keating

Image Credit: Combina Key

This past summer, you performed your new single at the NYC Youth Pride Event. What was this experience like?

It was incredible, to be honest! I got emotional on stage because it was my first big performance since before the pandemic. Also, my first festival performance! I was performing Saucy for the first time and premiering it on stage, and it was just the best feeling!

I loved seeing the crowd sing and dance along to my music- old music included!- people knew the lyrics and connected to them. I got to talk to some fans after I got off stage and take pictures and I asked them what their favourite song was I performed and they all loved Saucy! That was the most incredible feeling just to see that they were connecting to it and loving it. You never know how people are going to react, and to see their reactions was so freeing and amazing.

I opened up for Demi Lovato before as well, and that was a moment I’ll never forget but this was just as amazing and I really felt the energy.

ashlee keating

Image Credit: Combina Key

You’re entering a new era of music- what can you tell us about where you see your music taking you?

Big places! I have always been a big dreamer with big goals and dreams. I feel like I’m just getting started and I’ve been doing this for years. It’s crazy because the world fully hasn’t even heard or seen Ashlee yet- we’re just getting started. I hope to be nominated for a Grammy someday!

I want to write for myself and other artists. I want to perform worldwide and meet fans around the world. I also hope to tour and have my own production. I really want to grow my fanbase and my platform, too.

I definitely want to be a household name, for sure!

So, what’s next for you?

It’s crazy that this year is almost over! I’ve been so busy performing and going to fahion week recently.

There will be more music releases soon, so stay tuned for that. There will be a lot to come- there’s music lined up!

ashore keating

Image Credit: Combina Key

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