All about Levi’s new pride collection for 2022!

levi's pride collection

For Pride 2022, Levi’s is celebrating the activists and pioneers who kicked off the fight for equal rights and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community.

Drawing from the powerful messaging of signs and posters from the early days of the Queer liberation movement, Levi’s is relesing a collection that aims to inspire tomorrow’s generation of LGBTQ+ activists. This is because the brand wants to highlight the idea that equality never goes out of style.

levi's pride collection

The collection details

Included in the collection is a range of apparel and accessories that each celebrate LGBTQ+ activism in a unique way. Every piece is also designed to be both gender-neutral and size-inclusive. As a result, this is a collection that’s truly open to all.

Levi’s is also breaking boundaries by offering a gender-neautral range that skews more feminine as opposed to masculine. As a result, this new 2022 Pride lineup features pieces such as the Denim Corset, which is new for the brand. This corset is a one-of-a-kind piece that is made from Levi’s denim and features a lace-up back.

levi's pride collection

What to shop

Also featured for the very first time is a full-fledged long bottom jean. Moreover, it’s the iconic  ’93 501. Featuring a straight leg and a faded, distressed look, the Pride 501 is a nod to the popular styling of Pride during the 1970s. It also includes a special charm backpatch with a detachable rainbow charm, a Big “ELevis rainbow tab, and pearl center shank buttons.

levi's pride collection

You can also shop a  501 ’93 Short from the collection, which features those same sundries, as well as a bleach-spotted 1980s distress pattern that’s perfect for summer.

The Pride lineup also features a faded and distressed Liberation Trucker. This is a classic Type III Trucker with a woven Pride Two Horse label on the inside of the jacket. It also includes pearl center shank buttons, and an embroidered graphic on the back that says, “Let Us Love.”

We’re also obsessed with the other elements of the collection. These include the Community Tee, which is a concert tee homage with a list of LGBTQ+ milestones on the back. Consuemrs can also shop a Roadtrip Cropped Tee with rainbow graphics of “Live Your Truth” and “Let My People Love!,” and a Relaxed Graphic Tank with “We Are All Magical Beings” on the back.

levi's pride collection

If you’re a fan of classic crew-style shirts, the collection features a Relaxed Graphic Ragland Crew. It has a rainbow version of the Levi’s sports logo on the front and a small, embroidered “Equality Never Goes Out Of Style” on the back.

Giving back

In support of this collection, Levi’s is making an annual $100,000 USD donation to OutRightAction International. This is a global organization working to advance human rights for LGBTQ+ people all across the world.

levi's pride collection

The latest collection launches on May 2, 2022. For more information about Levi’s, and to shop the 2022 Pride Collection, check out levi.com.

Published by HOLR Magazine.