Adidas is getting backlash after launching a Pride swimsuit that appears to be modeled by a male.

The brand is getting backlash for launching a new Pride swimsuit that appears to be modeled by a male. Here’s what’s happening.

adidas pride swimsuit

Image Credit: Adidas

Adidas Swimsuit Controversy

Adidas recently launched a women’s ‘Pride 2023’ swimsuit that appears to be modeled by a male, as mentioned here. Once the ad dropped on the Adidas website, it was immediately met with controversy as it appeared a biological male was modeling the suit in a video posted online. The ad drew a lot of attention and backlash as women who witnessed it were seemingly not impressed with the decision regarding the model.

Adidas Pride Swimsuit

According to the brand, the Pride month release (ahead of Pride month in June) is “a celebration of self-expression, imagination and the unwavering belief that love unites.” The swimsuit line was created in collaboration with South African Rich Mnisi and titled “Let Love Be Your Legacy” as noted in this article.

Adidas Swimsuit Reddit

Here’s what people have to say about the latest launch on Reddit in this trending thread.

“They are replacing women in bikinis…with men in women’s bathing suits,” said one user.

“[From] a more practical perspective, how is any woman going to get an idea of how this suit fits on a female when the model is male?” stated another.

“When are the women of this world going to stand up and say “enough is enough”. They’ve overcome so much adversity only to find out that the men are still undermining them. Hopefully, one day, we real men can support them by standing up and saying “enough is enough” as well. This is getting ridiculous,” stated another.

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