Taylor Frankie Paul Arrest Video 

Watch the Taylor Frankie Paul arrest video below. A disturbing video obtained by DailyMail.com shows the moment a TikTok influencer, Taylor Frankie Paul, was arrested for throwing a chair at her boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, hitting her 5-year-old daughter Indy in the process. The video shows an intoxicated and emotional Paul admitting to police that she went “ballistic” on Mortensen after he refused to take her to a concert because she was too drunk. The incident occurred on February 17 at their home in Herriman, Utah.

Taylor Frankie Paul

Paul, who has over 4 million followers on TikTok, is known for sharing content about her day-to-day life, two children, and estranged husband. She shocked her fans last summer when she admitted that she and her husband were divorcing because she had gone too far during a “soft swinging” event, which involves couples swapping partners but not engaging in full sex. After splitting with her husband, she started hooking up with Mortensen.

Taylor Frankie Paul Body Cam Video 

The bodycam video shows Herriman officers Ben Rugebregt and Alex Felsing knocking on Paul’s door after receiving a 911 call from a neighbor. Both Paul and Mortensen are seen answering the door. When the officers ask them what was going on, Dakota tells them Taylor was “hammered.” Taylor responds back saying “so is he.” She then tells police that Dakota “threw me in the garage.”

Rugebregt and Felsing then separate the couple, taking Paul outside. She can be seen crying and slurring her words as police attempt to talk to her. “I’m emotionally hurting and going through a divorce,” she tells them. But seconds later, she turns belligerent and says, “I don’t give a f*** anymore. I don’t give a f*** about him. I just want him out. I pushed him, I hit him, he pushed me. I don’t care. I went ballistic because he pushed me. I just want him out.”

After Mortensen provided cops with video from his cell phone showing the chair hitting Indy, the charges were upgraded to felony aggravated assault, reckless child abuse, and domestic violence in the presence of a child. Two weeks later, the Salt Lake County District Attorney charged Paul with two counts of 3rd degree felony domestic violence in the presence of a child with injury, a Class A misdemeanor of child abuse with injury, and Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief. If convicted, she could face up to five years in state prison for each of the three felonies with which she is charged. She is next due in court on April 14.

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