Tayvin Galanakis, who went viral after posting a video about a police traffic stop, is suing the city of Newton for false arrest.

Tayvin Galanakis is suing the city of Newton, Iowa after the student alleges the police department- and city- are guilty of “false arrest, civil rights violations, and negligent supervision and training” as mentioned here.

Galanakis’ video has since generated 1.6 million views since being posted.

Tayvin Galanakis Incident

The incident occurred last year in August when Galanakis was pulled over by Newton Police Officer Nathan Winters and Lt. Christopher Wing. The student reportedly drove past their car without dimming his headlights for oncoming traffic.

When stopped, Galanakis stated “he was driving with his high beams on because one of his headlights had a broken bulb” as mentioned in the article.

This is when the police asked him how much he had to drink that night. When Galanakis responded that he had nothing to drink, the police did not believe him.