Mormon influencer Taylor Frankie Paul has been arrested. HOLR has the details and why it’s trending on Reddit.

Mormon influencer Taylor Frankie Paul was arrested on alleged domestic violence charges recently, according to this Reddit thread.

What happened with Taylor Frankie Paul and her husband?

Taylor Frankie Paul is a Mormon influencer who rose to fame on TikTok. The influencer was part of #MomTok and created engaging content for the social media-sharing platform.

Taylor Frankie Paul and her ex-husband, Tate Paul, previously got divorced when the influencer was caught up in an alleged “soft swinging” scandal, as mentioned here. Recently, Taylor Frankie Paul and her boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, claim to have broken up after 6 months together. The duo reportedly experienced an ectopic pregnancy.

Taylor Frankie Paul is a mom to two children she shares with her ex.

Taylor Frankie Paul Drama

The drama continues as Taylor Frankie Paul was reportedly recently arrested on alleged domestic violence charges. According to this TikTok video, apparently, Taylor went to a Galentine’s party where the guests all got dressed up as their “type.” There were comments addressed in another TikTok that reportedly detailed what went down that night.

taylor frankie paul arrest

Image Credit: @stephwithdadeets TikTok

As mentioned in the video, reportedly, Taylor and Dakota got into a huge argument and were screaming at each other. Taylor then allegedly threw a chair at him but it reportedly hit someone else. Dakota supposedly called the cops after the incident.

Taylor Frankie Paul Reddit

Reddit users are taking to the platform to express their opinions on the latest scandal involving the social media star.

“She genuinely needs help she’s so chaotic she needs to see a mental health professional ASAP or she’s going to end up with nothing,” said one user.

“Domestic violence in presence of a child? (One of 3 charges) This is so sad. As if her kids haven’t been through enough. I never would’ve imagined this from her,” said another.

Others think Taylor should step away from social media in light of the current incident.

“Time to delete her social media accounts, seek therapy and focus on herself and her children. This should be a wake up call,” stated another user.

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