This year we’re all about reflection, which in my opinion is actually overthinking, just put into a deep word. The famous word of the year 2020, besides reflection, is sustainability. Sustainability has worked its way through the fashion industry, plastic/non-biodegradable products industry, and, of course, our childhoods, with the usual “turn the lights off when you leave the room”. The latest accomplishment of the concept is making tourist destinations more attractive when consumers get to know they’re eco-friendly and care about the world’s health, AS THEY SHOULD.

Devon Janse Van Rensburg via Unsplash

What a lot of people value is wellness. Wellness of the mind, the soul, and, now more than ever, of the Earth. People from all around the world have become environmentally conscious and taken the task to educate others over the importance of taking action in order to literally save our planet from climate change, pollution, and over-production of goods. Social media and the internet have taken a huge roll on the latter. According to a 2019 study of, a digital travel platform, 73% of global travelers have plans of turning to more eco-friendly travel decisions. In that same study, there’s a noticeable rise in trending interest of eco-traveling from 2016 one, where 62% of the interviewees said yes to the eco-travel dress, to 2019 one, where 71% were into sustainable traveling.

I know that becoming environmentally conscious is a tough transition. I, myself, get a bit overwhelmed with recycling, looking for, and purchasing eco-friendly products and stop my desires to support fast fashion brands. Because of this, I will provide tips and tricks to make sure that your vacation experience is based on responsibility and sustainability.

Photo by tripping with my bff via pinterest

Think of the Pros— Some people might think that being eco-friendly is equivalent to eating a dull, boring salad when in reality, it’s full of bright decisions and provides a good time. Be open about eco-traveling! In the end, you’ll be having a ton of fun and helping the environment!

Eco-labels and certification— While figuring out where your next adventure is going to take place, be on the lookout for official certifications that prove your lodging options are actually committed to the preservation of the earth and not just doing cheap marketing. Some of these eco-labels include Green Globe, Green Tourism, and Travel Life. Don’t stop there! There’s plenty more.

Discuss with your green freak friend— We all have that one friend who thinks is mother nature and tries to turn everybody vegan and eco-friendly. This is their time to shine. Talk to them about your travel plans and ask them for advice. Even if you don’t get a response regarding what you went to them for, you’ll surely leave with some helpful and environmentally conscious tips.