Bloom Balance is a curated apothecary of wellness products for everyday mindfulness and balance – anytime, anywhere.

Co-Founded by Toronto-based acupuncturist and owner of Wellbe Clinic, Dr. Aliya Visram helped develop Bloom Balance. She and her diverse team of experts created accessible and enjoyable solutions for incorporating wellness into everyday life and give a little piece of Wellbe magic at home!

Bloom Balance likes to think of themselves as wellness connoisseurs- expertly working to design products backed by research and ancient medicine. Bloom Balance helps you find moments of stillness within the chaos of every day and will change the way you think about self-care.

Time to learn a little bit more about the brand and Dr. Aliya Visram’s journey as a co-founder.

As a brand with a primary focus on wellness, tell us about how you founded bloom balance.

Our vision is to help more people find balance in their busy lives by creating and curating products that allow individuals a moment of mindfulness and an opportunity to take care of themselves while feeling grounded and calm.

We are both busy moms and entrepreneurs trying to juggle a million things, so bloom balance came out of a need to take a breath and find some calm in the chaos of life. We wanted to find some easy, accessible, and enjoyable solutions for incorporating wellness into our everyday routines.  bloom balance grew out of Aliya’s background as an acupuncturist and Sarina’s savvy business mind combined with their obsession with wellness and has now flourished into a company that supports the ritualistic experience of health and healing.  

Your mission relates to holistic wellness made easy, so how do your products support “acu” on-the-go?

Our products are made to be simple and easy to use — life’s already busy as it is and we really wanted to make products that would add balance and ease, rather than make things more complicated and overwhelming. Each product in our collection is rooted in Eastern medicine and has been curated and developed with one focus: everyday mindfulness and balance, anywhere and anytime. We recognize that there isn’t always time for regular hour-long visits to wellness practitioners, so we wanted our products to be adaptable for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. 

For example, with our Ear Seeds, you can put them on and forget about them and let the healing magic happen, or you can apply pressure to a point to help ease anxiety or stress while you’re on the road, checking emails, or during your coffee break. Our Gua Sha can easily be used while you’re waiting for your next meeting to relieve your migraine. Think of our products as a daily boost of energy and calm that you can access 24/7 at your own convenience.

Talk to us about some of the products we can shop from the brand.

Our collection of products include healing Ear Seeds (in 24K gold, silver, Swarovski crystal, or pearl), Gua Sha Stones (in Black Obsidian and White Jade), and Moxibustion Sticks. Included with each item is a relief rituals manual (or an “instruction booklet”) on how to use the items along with a collection of rituals that can be used to ease particular symptoms or discomforts. These relief rituals are really what makes our products unique—they can be customized to your liking by simply combining rituals and each come with a mindfulness mantra to have you feeling your true best self. 

What is the purpose of ear seeds, moxibustion sticks, and Gua Sha? Can you explain their healing properties?

The goal of each product in our bloom balance collection is to cultivate mindfulness, empower individuals to care for themselves, and to help create a time and space in people’s lives to feel grounded, to heal, and to find balance.

The healing ways in which that goal is achieved varies across our products. Our healing Ear Seeds use the power of acupressure to stimulate a nervous system response that eases stress, anxiety, and other symptoms. Our Gua Sha Stone helps to stimulate blood and moves Qi through the body to relieve tension, swelling, and pain. Finally, our Moxibustion Stick is a type of heat therapy made from the ancient Eastern Medicine herb mugwort. Using this incense-type stick over points and meridians over the body stimulates the release of Qi and blood flow – helping to boost and strengthen the immune system and heal tissues, ease stress and anxiety and replenish energy.  

What’s next for bloom balance as it works to change the way we think about self-care?

We hope to expand our collection of products and continue to create positive change in the wellness world. Self-care is often thought about with a set of assumptions of the way wellness should look like: green juices, hour-long meditations, days at the spa. Though all those things are great, realistically a lot of us do not have the time or energy for this. Our products are a way for individuals to bring the clinic experience home with them and to make self-care as easy and as enjoyable as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the experience.  

bloom balance hopes to create products that continue to empower individuals to perform self-care – on the go, at times that are convenient for them. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.