The automotive company released a statement on Monday that recalled every single Cybertruck. The news comes as concerns for the company’s longevity amid Chinese competitors and Musk’s reputation.

Cybertruck crash recall

Elon Musk’s automotive company, Tesla Motors, revealed in a recall statement on Monday that their latest model, the Cybertruck, is being recalled over concerns about the accelerator pad being dislodged.

In the recall statement, Tesla elaborated that “when high force is applied to the pad on the accelerator pedal, the pad may dislodge, which may cause the pedal to become trapped in the interior trim above the pedal,”

Cybertruck crash recall

The recall affects all Cybertrucks created between Nov. 13, 2023, and April 4, 2024.

While the accelerator pad can be fixed free of charge, the news comes after safety concerns for Cybertrucks were raised back in December when a Cybertruck was involved in an accident with another car in California.

How many Cybertrucks have been sold?

According to a related article, 3,878 Cybertrucks have been sold. The Cybertruck has been described as a passion project for Musk.

Some analysts see the recall as an “embarrassing” failure of the model. While the trucks are shown in promotional photos as being able to go through sand, water, and dirt, several trucks show the opposite. One such truck ended up being towed by a Ford.

These incidents come at a time when poor company earnings and share prices, and negative political coverage of Musk, Tesla’s founder.

BYD electric car

While Musk is set to reveal Tesla’s latest quarterly results on Monday, April 23, at least one analyst wonders if Musk “spread himself too thinly,”

On the global market, Chinese electric vehicles are drawing more sales than Western-made cars, accounting for 60% of all electric vehicle sales. This is mostly due to subsidies from the Chinese government in the form of consumer and manufacturer tax breaks. Chinese-made cars, such as BYD, are also cheaper to make because they’re often made in China; many materials, such as cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo, are also extracted by Chinese companies.

Musk has not commented publicly about the recall.

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