What’s with the X on Twitter? HOLR breaks down the social platform’s rebrand.

HOLR breaks down Twitter’s latest rebrand according to Elon Musk.

Is Twitter rebranding as X?

According to this article, Elon Musk has officially changed Twitter’s bird logo to an “X” as part of the brand’s rebrand tactic. Check out the TikTok video below posted by user @stockbuster_ which reportedly explains the brand’s rebrand news and why it apparently came to be.


Twitter officially being rebranded to X. The eveything app is in motion 🤯 #twitter #elonmusk #socialmedia #news

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As the TikToker explains, Elon Musk founded the company X.com back in the 90s and later renamed it to PayPal. This was opposed when Musk then reportedly bought back the X.com domain in 2017 from PayPal. One user reportedly stated that Musk could use X.com as an umbrella website for all of his other companies to which Musk agreed that this could be the best use. Now, X.com seemingly goes to Twitter.com which means that Musk reportedly put this suggestion into action.

Is Twitter called X now?

Today, the domain X.com now directs users to Twitter’s homepage. However, Twitter.com is also still live. Twitter CEO- Linda Yaccarino- took to the platform to explain the latest rebrand news in the below tweet:

What do you think of the latest rebrand?

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