Fans’ focus slightly changed during the Miami Grand Prix’s third free practice session when they notice billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk at the McLaren and Red Bull pit fences.

Jeff Bezos joined by glamorous girlfriend at F1 Miami Grand Prix as fellow billionaire Elon Musk enjoys family day out | The US Sun

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As they appeared at the F1 Miami Grand Prix on Saturday, the rich and famous Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos stole the show.

Owner of Twitter, SpaceX, and Tesla Elon Musk was observed conversing with Christian Horner while watching final practice from the back of the Red Bull garage as a guest of the world champions. He tried on a pair of headphones while carrying his baby boy as Horner watched on.

Elon Musk stopped by the Red Bull garage in Miami

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Musk wasn’t the only billionaire seen during that session on the pit lane, either. Jeff Bezos has also traveled to Miami to get a closer look at one of the US sports with the quickest rate of growth.

Founder and executive chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was seen chatting with Zak Brown on the McLaren pit wall while he enjoyed a front-row seat to the action.

jeff bezos

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However, not everyone was happy to see the two wealthy guests on their TV screens. “Team executives catering to celebrities and Elon Musk, Zak Brown fluffing a pillow for Jeff Bezos on the McLaren pit wall, empty grandstands, a shoddy circuit, and another dull race that seems inescapable due to a poor track. “Welcome to Miami,” yelled another fan.

When it comes to wealth, Bezos and Musk are currently second and third in the world. According to Forbes, Bezos has a net worth of $128.7 billion, whereas Musk’s is $178.2 billion. They were not the only billionaires present on Saturday; Musk was seen with Larry Ellison, who founded Oracle and serves as its executive chairman and chief technology officer.

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