A married Texas 911 Dispatcher has been suspended for allegedly sexting and having affairs with other officers.

According to this recent article, Krystle Perez, a 911 Dispatcher located in Texas, has been suspended following reports that she has been allegedly sexting and having affairs with other officers.

911 dispatcher suspended

Krystle was reportedly placed on unpaid leave after her husband, Giancarlo Perez, discovered the messages on her cellphone. The news was reported by KABB. Krystle was also allegedly having affairs with two of the several officers she was sexting.

“Sgt. Renaldo Salinas and Deputy Juan Leal have been suspended following the scandal.” The two also face possible termination. The article goes on to say that Deputy Jason Jarvis is facing a 30-day suspension. His wife, Jessica Jarvis, is divorcing him after “she claims he admitted to having an affair with Perez.”

Married Texas 911 Dispatcher sexting cops

Krystle’s husband was devastated to learn the news. “She was the love of my life and it was very distraught, heartbreaking, I was in disbelief,” Giancarlo reportedly told KABB. “They use emojis to reference body parts, they talk about kissing, making out and these sexual connections.”

The article states that although those involved did not supposedly break the law, they reportedly violated the policies of the sheriff’s office.

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