Why is Colby Richards missing trending? HOLR breaks down the latest news.

According to this article, Texas father, Colby Richards (31), has allegedly been missing since May 24 after he left home without a phone or wallet. As mentioned in the article, Richards supposedly woke up early that morning (around 5 AM), and when his wife noticed he didn’t come back to their room to get ready for work- and that the backyard gate was left open- she knew something was wrong.

The couple has small children and a dog, so she felt like Richards leaving the backyard gate open was out of the ordinary. Although Richards allegedly did like to go for walks on the Greenway, early morning workouts were not typical for him. He also wasn’t known to have issues with anyone which makes his disappearance strange.

Richards’s wife contacted the police soon after to report her husband missing and a search is currently underway to locate Richards who seemingly left without a trace.

Colby Richards Missing

This TikTok by user @peoplearetheworst_pod goes into additional detail about the disappearance and ongoing search to bring Richards home.


🚨MISSING PERSON🚨 Colby Richards was last seen May 26, 2023. His wife, Callie, posted on facebook that he walked into the woods behind their house and hasn’t been seen since. @colbyjoecomehome #missingperson #colbyjoecomehome #colbyrichards #texasequusearch #colbyrichardsmissing #missingman #truecrime #truecrimetok #missingpersoncases #fyp #foryourpage #truecrimecommunity #truecrimepodcast @ID @New York Post | News

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Allegedly, his YETI tumbler was found on a trail near their area, but Richards does not have a history of mental health issues and has not run away before which makes his disappearance strange.

Richards’s wife is pleading with neighbors to check their cameras for any clues as to his whereabouts or where he may have gone and is hoping for his safe return home soon.

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