The rebuilding process now begins in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian due to the destruction across Florida.

US States, South Carolina, and Georgia were also affected. According to The National Hurricane Center Ian ties in at 5th place as the worst deadliest hurricane to hit the US mainland. Hurricane Ian brought thunderstorms, floods, cyclone winds, and knocked down power lines. It is the worst hurricane to hit Florida on record since the 1930s.

Overall, around 2 million people were without electricity earlier this week. That number has decreased significantly to over 300,000 people which includes residents and businesses. While the numbers continue to change, the death toll now stands at over 100 people across Florida who have died from the category 4 storm. Ian formed on September 23rd and was dissipated on October 2nd, 2022.

[updated on October 21, 2022]

Hurricane Ian, Florida, September 28th, 2022.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced all over the Caribbean and especially in Florida where the storm did the most damage. Hurricane Ian is an Atlantic hurricane that has caused widespread devastation across the Caribbean including Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cuba.

Ian struck across the Caribbean as a category 3 storm but weakened while targeting the Gulf Coast. However, it had regained strength as a category 4 once it made landfall in Florida. It remained a hurricane as it headed straight for the Carolinas as a category 1 storm.

Hurricane Ian, Sept 23rd, 2022

Photo Image: Ramon Espinosa – Cuba, 2022 Associated Press

Hurricane Ian regained strength last week as a category 4 when it slammed into Florida.

Ian made landfall on Wednesday, September 28th, bringing winds of up to 155 mph. The rain and rising water levels flooded towns and cities right across the sunshine state, particularly in South-Western, Florida. South-Western was the hardest hit. Ian knocked out power while destroying buildings and homes in its wake.

The hurricane regained strength last week as a category 4 when it slammed into Florida.  It was almost classified as a category 5 storm which is considered the worst ranking for a hurricane. Over 40, 000 people are currently displaced due to Ian’s devastation.

Hurricane Ian - Floods and Storm Surge

Photo Image: Naples, Florida – City of Naples

Climate change and global warming temperatures are assisting with more floods and increasing water levels, according to meteorologists.

Ian brought floods and precipitation of up to 12 inches of rain. The streets in South-Western Florida were flooded so badly that houses and cars were submerged under water as people were trapped in their homes.

Shark in water, Fort Myers, Florida – Via Guardian

Rising water levels from the ocean also washed out many of the roads and neighborhoods. The storm surge flooded areas so badly it may have even resulted in a possible sighting of a shark floating in the streets.

President Joe Biden landed in Fort Myers yesterday to survey the catastrophe.

From left, Florida’s first lady Casey DeSantis, Gov. Ron DeSantis, first lady Jill Biden and President Joe Biden arrive at Fort Myers Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022, to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ian. (Saul Young/Knoxville News Sentinel via AP, Pool)

Florida Governor and a likely Republican Presidential candidate for 2024, Ron DeSantis declared all 67 counties to be in a state of emergency and would require federal aid with 100% reimbursement. President Biden met with local residents and business owners in the worst-hit areas while surveying the damage.

Biden’s visit on Wednesday was to assure people that the next phase is to “recover and rebuild” no matter how long it takes as it has in the past in the aftermath of other hurricanes.

Biden pledged to give millions of dollars in aid and promised that no matter how long it takes – he confirmed, “state and federal governments will continue to cooperate and work with each other.” The President continued to meet with Aid and Rescue Workers on Wednesday.

President Biden meets with local residents, business owners in Fort Myers – on October 5th, 2022

This is the latest deadly hurricane to attack the Atlantic and on the heels of Hurricane Fiona.

Fiona ripped across Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands as a lower-level category 1 to 3 storm doing serious damage. It then increased its pace and became a category 4 storm unleashing ferocious cyclone winds and floods as it slammed into Atlantic Canada a few weeks ago. Due to the damage and floods, Hurricane Fiona is considered to be the most destructive hurricane to hit Canada. And one of the worst storms to ever hit Atlantic Canada. For Canadians who require Hurricane Fiona Emergency Response, go to Public Safety Canada.

For anyone who may need assistance with aid, food and/or shelter, etc – go to the FEMA website to apply for Federal Emergency Aid for US States and Territories. FEMA is the official website of the US Department of Homeland Security.

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