Most women have slight breast size variations since nature doesn’t create breasts that are perfectly symmetrical. Although it’s normal, it can be embarrassing when it’s a more extreme asymmetry. Thankfully, this specific issue can be corrected by a custom breast surgery.

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Breast Asymmetry Surgery: What Is It?

This surgery is performed when correcting asymmetry. It rectifies a difference in the size and shape of the breast, or even the nipple’s position. Most women have asymmetrical breasts, with one being slightly bigger than the other. It’s usually less than a cup size of a bra.

Here are the seven benefits that this popular procedure brings:


Breast Rejuvenation


Premature and more excessive sagging of the breasts are caused by the acceleration of their aging process. Previously having heavy and large breasts, as well as weight loss, nursing, and pregnancy can all contribute to this aging process.

A breast asymmetry surgery restores the breasts of women to a more natural and feminine position. It’s important, especially since some women actually feel very self-conscious with regard to the deflation of their breasts. The procedure also repositions the areolar and nipple placement to enhance the appearance of the new breast.


Improved Nipple Projection


As already mentioned, the surgeon who will perform the plastic surgery can ensure that the nipple sits in the most aesthetically pleasing spot possible by shifting the nipple-areolar area. Nipples may project downward and give the breasts an aged and elongated appearance because of drooping or sagging breasts. A breast asymmetry surgery can’t only lift your breasts, but also improve your nipple’s position to ensure that they’re projecting forward. It gives the breasts an improved, youthful appearance.


Added Volume And Curves


When breasts are naturally small and flat, they don’t provide some women’s desired curves to their physique. Breast asymmetry surgery is a perfect way of adding volume and curves to the silhouette of women. It mainly adds volume to the top of your breasts, making you feel more feminine and voluptuous. A breast asymmetry procedure can give you your desired new look, whether your goal is to have curves in your everyday wear, fill out a bikini top, or go up to a specific cup size.


Increased Confidence


It’s unfortunate that the breasts are given a great deal of emphasis by society. Women are quickly made to feel insecure if they don’t fit perfectly into societal standards of beauty. Thanks to modern technology in the medical field, you can now convincingly and safely change your appearance even if you can’t change society overnight. You’ll be more confident since symmetrical breasts make you feel more attractive and feminine.


Improved Sex Life


A survey reported a link between a better sex life and one of the processes involved in breast asymmetry surgery–breast augmentation. Out of those surveyed, 61% had sex more frequently after undergoing augmentation surgery. Seventy percent of them also reported experiencing more satisfaction. This is supported by the statement of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, saying that women will have an enhanced sexual experience when their confidence grows.

Researchers at the University of Florida studied 84 women between ages 21 and 57. Their sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction were measured both before and after breast asymmetry surgery. The study found a 78.6 % increase in the group’s average desired rating, 81 % in their arousal rate, and 57 % in their sexual satisfaction. It concluded that breast augmentation surgery and women’s sexual satisfaction has a direct correlation.

There can be several reasons for the findings above. One possible reason is the increased self-assertiveness and confidence that women may develop in the bedroom because of feeling more confident and attractive after a breast asymmetry procedure. It’s also possible that after the surgery, their partners found them more attractive and desirable. Overall, their experience and satisfaction can be enhanced since women having issues with their body image and who may be feeling uncomfortable with their breasts before could feel more comfortable after surgery.


More Flexible Clothing Choices


It can be embarrassing, stressful, and expensive to shop for clothes when you don’t fit the standard profile. As you probably already know, clothing for women is designed by manufacturers having an average chest size in mind. If you want to make shopping for clothes more fun and less demanding, a breast asymmetry procedure, specifically an augmentation, can help. It allows your breasts to be more in line with the average, giving you more flexible clothing choices.


Asymmetrical breasts are an ongoing aesthetic concern that affects self-confidence in women. Thanks to developments in medical technology, women can now have rejuvenated breasts that appear balanced in position, shape, and size. With a breast asymmetry surgery, you’ll not only become more confident, but also experience an improved sex life, as well as be able to expand your wardrobe.