With Eyebuydirect Glasses, you can indulge in trendy, sophisticated glasses without guilt over materials, packaging, or company values. With eco-friendly sunglasses, your money goes into products that use sustainable manufacturing processes, recycled materials for glasses and packaging, and more.

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What are eco-friendly sunglasses?

Eco-friendly sunglasses are products manufactured using sustainable raw materials or an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Some companies use recycled plastic cleaned out of the ocean to comprise the plastic frames or smaller pieces in their sunglasses. In contrast, others work hard to reduce carbon emissions or water consumption during manufacturing. 

When you buy eco-friendly sunglasses, whether you are purchasing them for eye protection or style, you can make your purchase with complete confidence that you aren’t contributing to the misuse of limited resources or high levels of waste. 

As eco-friendly sunglasses are becoming more popular, you can find an impressive variety of sustainable men’s and women’s sunglasses by dozens of friendly brands. Each relies on fair trade labor, recycled raw materials, limited packaging, and reduced manufacturing packs.

What to look for when buying sunglasses:

Eco-friendly sunglasses share similar features to sustainably-sourced raw materials. Fortunately, in today’s market, you can find affordable sunglasses that use wood or recycled plastic in their frame production. These kinds of sunglasses have a minimal environmental impact from the manufacturing processes, ethical transportation, and several other factors.  Below are some critical factors to look out for when buying sunglasses. 


When you look for new sunglasses companies, you might want a company that sustainably sources raw materials. Some companies provide eco-friendly glasses made with recycled materials. Others use eco-friendly manufacturing techniques that reduce water, CO2 emissions, and waste.


Eco-friendly sunglasses companies focus on recycled or recyclable packaging. This means minimal packaging, which is recyclable, and none of which causes environmental damage when disposed of. Good companies will also provide eco-friendly return options if you want to recycle products at home, like outdated sunglasses you don’t want anymore.

Company Mission & Values

Manufacturing companies must have core missions and values that align with sustainability. This might look a little different, depending on your personal preferences.

For example: Some people prefer companies that provide fair wages and treatment for their employees, while others emphasize companies that actively give back to the community or participate in nonprofit goals like cleaning the oceans or sustainable recycling plans.

Many of the top eco-friendly sunglasses companies give back to local communities impacted by manufacturing by removing plastic waste from fishing villages and providing sustainable jobs. Moreover, you can wear stylish sunglasses at the beach, on a hike, or out on the town and know that your statement piece was made by a company that donates part of its profits to good causes.


Good companies provide safe disposal options, ethical transportation with minimal environmental impact, and a wide range of specs. You might want sustainable sunglasses with polarized lenses, mirror-tinted reading glasses, or prescription lenses: the more options, the better.

Manufacturing Process

In searching for the best eco-friendly sunglasses, be sure to look for products with an optimum and safe manufacturing process. The best eco-friendly sunglasses involve a manufacturing process with little to no adverse effect on the environment.

Safe Disposal

When the time comes to let go of your sunglasses, you want to ensure that disposing of them won’t cause any harm to the environment. To this end, you should only consider eco-friendly sunglasses that won’t result in environmental hazards after disposal. 

How to Wear Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

There is more to sunglasses than you know. It is not only about protecting the eyes from bright lights and reflective rays. Understanding when and how to wear eco-friendly sunglasses and create a perfect look for your outfit requires effort and planning, especially for those who follow sustainable fashion trends. When the sun is out and you are headed out, before you pick that pair of sunglasses, ensure it is perfect for you and your outfit. Need help? Below are helpful tips on how to wear sunglasses.

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Find the Right Fit for Your Face 

Every face has its unique shape, and it is only essential you go for a pair of sunglasses that sits perfectly on your face and, more importantly, are comfortable. Given that you’ll be on your sunglasses for long hours on sunny days, select a pair that fits your face, doesn’t slip off, or puts too much pressure on your forehead or nose bridge. More so, ensure its frame is big enough with a long and comfortable temple.

Choose a Design that Suits your Needs 

Sunglasses are of different styles and designs, and what you plan on doing while wearing them matters. While some manufacturers prioritize glare protection for long drives or beach days, other manufacturers produce sunglasses with rectangular frames to fit your sportswear. In the same vein, certain manufacturers build sunglasses to complement a high-fashion outfit. In essence, the job, activity, or event you plan to do with a pair of sunglasses significantly impacts how you wear them.

Add a Pop of Color to Complement Your Clothes

After deciding the style and shape that fits, the next item is color. You can choose the colorful patterned frames for attention, and if you desire a modest outlook, the solid block color frames are the best option. You can take it up the notch with tinted lenses. There are many popular options to choose from, including amber, green and blue tints, silver, etc.  

Experiment with Shapes

Here, your level of confidence, stylishness, and personal preference comes into play. You can pick from various shapes, such as butterfly shapes or retro hearts. There are oversized sunglasses and skinny ones too. The options are limitless, and the choice is yours!


Sunglasses provide protection to the eyes. However, in the cause of protecting our eyes, we should be careful not to damage the environment. This is why we must go for sustainable solutions. Today, many companies produce eco-friendly sunglasses that not only protect the eyes but are safe for the environment.

Published by HOLR Magazine