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Students absolutely should travel when such opportunities arise. Fortunately, many countries around the globe are more than happy to host young travelers within their borders. These are the most exciting, affordable, and easy-to-travel states, which make perfect destinations for students to visit. The only problem now is to choose which country you want to see first! It iss not even an issue, is it? You can read this list of the best student-friendly countries and make your priorities immediately.  


So many young people dream about visiting Thailand. It is such an exciting and fascinating country with rich, ancient culture, unique traditions, gorgeous nature, and affordable prices. Indeed, the country has everything a young person needs to have a good time away from home. You can come here for a beach vacation or spend the whole summer exploring the religious and cultural sights, amazing national parks, historical landmarks, etc. Either way, Thailand will leave an unforgettable impression on young minds and will make you want to return for more. 


It seems that everyone has found their new interest and love for Portugal. It has been on everyone’s travel itinerary lists and expats’ lifestyle blogs for a couple of years now. The thing is, Portugal has everything for a comfortable life abroad, whether for a few weeks or several years. It’s warm, beautiful, and not overpriced, with welcoming locals, various entertainment options, exciting history, and cultural sights. In Portugal, travelers will always find a delicious meal, fun evening activities, and soulful leisure time. Just walking those amazing historic streets is an adventure on its own.

Costa Rica

All nature lovers would be so excited to see Costa Rica for the first time. It is a wonderful and stunning country with unique wildlife and landscape. In fact, its nature wouldn’t leave you indifferent if you are a well-experienced traveler. There is just something so true and authentic about these wild beaches and lush rainforests. Such nature truly makes Costa Rica a perfect destination for outdoor adventures. 

Meanwhile, it is also very affordable and offers a variety of urban attractions when you are done with wildlife explorations. For instance, you certainly should explore post-colonial architecture, coffee plantations, and a local dining scene.

Czech Republic

This beautiful country in the center of Europe is everything you imagine a fairy tale place would look like in person. The Czech Republic has so many ancient sights, like castles, defended walls, churches, and cobblestone streets are simply incorporated into the modern scene throughout the entire country. Its impressive history, unique architecture, and appreciation for the past are found at every corner.

However, students will also find vibrant nightlife and lots of other entertainment options for students. After all, Prague is one of the biggest student centers in Europe. So young people will understandably find here a lot to do and see. 


This Southeast Asian country offers a unique travel experience with its stunning beaches, temples, and diverse culture. It’s also very affordable. Students can always find multiple budget accommodations, especially off-season. Overall, Indonesia offers a unique experience in terms of its cultural and national diversity, with the incorporation of various customs, traditions, and cuisines. 

You can travel to Indonesia for a peaceful vacation on one of its islands, enjoying the sun and the ocean. Or, you can explore its nightlife, dining scene, and multiple tourist attractions, including various temples and ancient architecture.  


There is so much to tell about Mexico! It is a perfect destination for students who want to relax and immerse themselves in a rich and exciting culture. Students usually choose Mexico City and Cancun for their adventures. The former is the largest city in Mexico. In the capital, students can truly explore local culture and learn a lot about Mexican history by visiting museums, art galleries and simply roaming old Mexican streets. In fact, even the food can tell you a lot about the culture there. Mexico has some of the best and most recognizable cuisines in the world. Everyone will find something to their liking. 

However, those looking for a more relaxing holiday, perhaps, should look at Cancun as their final destination. This place has been hosting tourists for beach vacations for decades now. It’s peaceful and beautiful and has a variety of gorgeous beaches and hotels to choose from. You can also enjoy activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and other types of water sports. 


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To move down South, students should also consider Peru as their final travel destination. Of course, Peru is most famous for Machu Picchu. It is the architectural and cultural sight of the ancient Maya civilization and one of the most visited places on Earth. However, Machu Picchu is one of many outdoor activities to engage in here.

Students will also find numerous hiking routes, trails, and camping opportunities. So, be sure to place your paper orders at WritePaperForMe in advance. Later, you may not have a chance to do so. Though, that’s what outdoor activities are all about. You get a chance to connect to this beautiful country and its amazing nature.

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