Human beings have been consuming herbs such as sage, mullein and skullcap for many years now. If herbs are your thing, then you probably know that there are different ways you can enjoy them. Each method provides users with unique experiences and unmatched sensations, depending on what you prefer.

Here are six ways you can enjoy your herbs


  • Dry herb vaporizer


The dry herb vaporizer is a type of a vape that directly vaporizes the herbs. It heats the herbs until they become a vapor. There are a variety of dry herb vaporizers that you can choose from, depending on your preference. These vapes are small and very convenient to carry around. Their best feature is that they do not produce any smoke, making them a safer choice. Dry herb vaporizers are also pretty easy to use and therefore great for beginners. Once you smoke herbs using this type of vaporizer, you’ll feel the effects almost immediately. 


  • Pipes


Pipes are another method you can use to enjoy your herbs. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made using different materials. You would need to ground up your herbs so that they can burn evenly in a pipe.  The pipe traps the smoke produced by the herbs which is then inhaled. They are usually small and portable. In addition, pipes do not require water or any other accessories to use. All you need is a lighter and your preferred herbs. 


  • Bongs


Bongs are similar to pipes but they incorporate the use of water which cools the smoke produced from burning the herbs. This leads to a cooler, creamier and smoother taste that is less irritating to your throat. They are also known to trap and filter harmful substances from dry herbs before they are ingested. Bongs help users to experience the effects of the herbs much faster. They come in different types – you can choose one that best fits your needs. 


  • Smoking


Another common way of enjoying your herbs is by rolling them into cigarettes, blunts or joints and smoking them that way. Most people prefer this method because it is instantaneous. You can feel the effect of the herbs immediately. You can also get specially manufactured rolling papers that add flavor to your herbs. Smoking allows you to control the sensations you want to get from your herbs.  


  • Edibles


Incorporating your dry herbs in edibles is another way you can enjoy them. There are different types of edibles that can be used with herbs, including foods and teas. They are great if you prefer discretion. Although the effects of the herbs are not felt immediately, they are stronger and last longer. 


  • Gas masks


Gas masks are a great addition to have when ingesting your preferred herbs. They are attached to a bong/pipe and they trap the smoke instead of letting it waft away. They are a fun accessory to use when enjoying your herbs. 

There are so many ways you can enjoy your herbs, so ensure you find a technique that suits you best. You could even try a new method.