Julie and Camilla Lorentzen’s baby boy brings a little sun to his mothers’ lives.

TikTok’s Julie Lorentzen and Camilla have welcomed a beautiful healthy baby boy after suffering a devastating miscarriage a year ago.

toktok julie lorentzen

Credit Image: Julie Lorentzen @julieevlorentzen

Despite their difficult start, the couple shared their beautiful home birth with their many followers.

And the love the couple share for each other and their son is seen in every inch of these pictures.


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The beautiful moment was captioned with words of love from Julie.

“Never felt a love like this, Julie wrote.

“Cannot believe how lucky we are to be able to call ourselves your mummies.”

And Julie let fans know that a birth story would be coming to them later.

“Everything went amazingly and it was the most empowering experience ever. our little boy.”


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What has Julie Lorentzen and Camilla’s IVF journey been like for them?

As previously stated, the beautiful wives have shared their journey very publicly with their followers.

And while it hasn’t been an easy one, they have had many great laughs throughout the journey.

Julie and Camilla Lorentzen

Credit Image: Instagram Julie Lorentzen

From eating McDonalds fries to increase the success of pregnancy, to sharing their love story with fans.

These beautiful women knew how to make each other and us smile.

Watch a couple of the clips below to see them smile.

@julieevlorentzeni don’t know what we did to deserve you guys😭🍟❤️♬ original sound – Faith ✌🏻

@julieevlorentzen Reply to @jay.elizabeth ♬ Forever – Labrinth

Aren’t they just lovely?

@julieevlorentzeni think shes tired of waiting🥲♬ original sound – julie

Of course, she is. There’s no stronger bond.

Click this link to be able to watch more hilarious videos from Julie and Camilla.

We are very happy for the new mamas, and we hope they are adjusting to life as family of three fabulously.

As of this article, there has been no news on the beautiful boy’s name.

Congratulations to Julie and Camilla.

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