Fashion trends are going through great transitions lately with combining the old, vintage trends with some new contemporary, futuristic tendencies. The best thing about our age is that fashion is the means of expressing yourself and that there are no more restraints regarding rigid combinations of clothing pieces and accessories. Lately, we have been introduced to some pieces of accessories that are quite refreshing and new such as ankles, besides them being worn by numerous cultures such as Indian. However, now, they are being introduced as the fashion trend that adds some oriental spice. These are especially popular during summer and have sandy beach vibes which are a perfect match to the attractive anklets. Hence, here are some dos and don’ts you should know when wearing ankle bracelets.

Dos for the Anklets 

Before you start picking up some of your favorite anklet designs or decide to make them on your own from the pieces of jewelry you already have, here are a couple of things you should do first. Firstly, keep your legs moisturized. Good moisturizing will do wonders to your skin making it smooth and well-hydrated, and wearing your anklets on the well-moisturized skin will make your anklet stand out by keeping the tone of your silhouette fresh and radiant. 

Be careful about the size of your anklet, and make sure it looks natural and effortless on your ankle. You should wear it so that it is effortlessly resting right below your ankle bone so that it does not look too tight or big. There is a whole range of different designs of anklets for women, so it should not be too demanding to find a piece that will perfectly match your shoes. Making a whole image is the key. Wearing shoes such as flip-flops, sandals or some other open-toe pieces is a perfect companion. 

Combining your shoes with anklets is not the only thing to combine them with. They make a perfect match with some clothing pieces such as skirts, shorts, and sundresses. The point of anklets is to show them off and make a statement, that is their main goal. If you are in doubt, what are the best picks, then certainly you should go with plain golden or white gold anklets, or in a combination with some gemstones and beads. This summer, there was a trend of anklets made of blue stones and seashells, so keep a keen eye on this year’s trends, since there definitely will be some changes in the popular designs. Lastly, it would be great if you avoided wearing the shoe with the anklet, you do not want it to look tasteless. Anklets are already a very attractive piece of accessories, you do not have to further elevate it. 


Don’ts About Anklets

Noisy anklets can be beyond irritating, and there is no point in anyone listening to your entrance announcement. Anklets are made exclusively for your eyes, not for your ears, so noisy anklets are a huge NO. On the other hand, if you got the ones that can be customized by adding and removing the charms, make sure that you stick to the minimal amount of charms. Too many charms will certainly give you a contra effect of them looking tacky and outdated. 

The biggest mistake you can make with your high hopes of setting a new fashion trend is to wear them over the socks. That is low-key the greatest fashion catastrophe that can happen while wearing this unique piece of jewelry. Anklets are made to accentuate your bear anklets in a combination with open shoes, not to make your socks look fancy. 

The thing you should be especially careful about is the current state of your feet. Anklets demand well-maintained and pedicured feet. So, it is required for your toes to be polished and well-pedicured. This is the essence, do not ever wear anklets on your neglected feet. They will just draw attention to them and will make the worst stand out, which certainly is not your aim. There is no word to stress this enough, pedicure your toes and feet before you put the anklet on.

Anklets were the raging trend of the previous season, and based on some fashion predictions, they will be quite popular this season as well. So, before you decide on the perfect pick, make sure that you know how to combine them and not make them look cheap and outdated. This unique accessory is made for your feet to look as attractive as any other part of you.