Have you seen ‘The Game Changers’ on Netflix? I’m guessing yes! Find out how Under Armour Ambassador, and Athlete, Jeff Cody switched to the Vegan Lifestyle and how it’s changed his life.

The famous known quote “you are what you eat,”couldn’t have taken on a more of a significant meaning after watching ‘The Game Changers’ Netflix documentary. Living a healthy lifestyle takes on many forms, but recent studies and findings shown in the documentary has sparked much conversation. Have we all been doing our diets wrong? 

I sat down with Under Armour Ambassador Jeff Cody to chat about his life as an Ambassador for such a cool and reputable brand who has recently launched an inspiring movement with iHeart Radio. The feature includes a new series, “The Only Way Through,” which takes us behind the scenes into the lives of elite athletes that constantly push themselves to be greater. We get into how he maintains his busy athletic lifestyle on a Vegan diet, why he recently made the switch, how the process went, and how it’s changed his life.


Who is Jeff Cody and what motivates/inspires you?

I am someone who strives to be great at what he does. I bring a lot of pride in what I d,  and how I help others. For me, my motivation in life and in fitness, is my constant determination to be better and to be a part of something meaningful. Improving ones-self and being a part of something has always kept my mind focused and determined which for me drives my inspiration.


Has Health and Fitness always been part of your life? 

I was always active in sports growing up — my brother and I played every sport possible which kept us busy. However it wasn’t until I slowed down in sports around the age 17 that I found my true passion for Health and Fitness and my love for that feeling grew as I became more knowledgeable in the industry and the positive effects from it.


What inspired you to get into the fitness industry? 

This for me was simple, as my main focus is longevity in life and that’s my drive to be involved in fitness.


How did you become involved with Under Armour and what are some of your duties as an ambassador?

I became involved in Under Armour through my fitness Instagram account @thecodycore. The Under Armour Canada team saw the content I was sharing on social media and thought I would be a great addition to Team UA.  My main duties as an ambassador are to promote their footwear and apparel, create content for the Canadian social media channels, and not just pose in the gear but show how I put it to use. As a brand ambassador, I want to share with my followers what Under Armour is all about and show how they strive to make all athletes better. 


Under Armour and iHeartRadio’s new series “The Only Way Through” takes us behind the scenes into the lives of elite athletes that constantly push themselves to be greater. How does is feel to be a part of such an inspiring movement?

It certainly feels great to be a part of the UA Team and everything that encompasses that. The documentary is important to help motivate anyone, regardless of if they are an athlete or not. Through the radio series you can hear stories from some of the top athletes in the world, about the struggles they have endured, and how they have pushed through it. This is an important message and story to hear because it shows how everyone endures struggles along the way and it’s how you push through those struggles that can make you better. These stories can serve as motivation for people who need that inspiration to push through.  

What does the new series mean to you? 

The new series for me means we are able to learn from people’s successes and failures, which is enlightening to many people because it shows that elite athlete actually put in the work to get where they are today. Listening to these stories is a driving factor for people to want to be better (to have to be better) in life.

The Netflix Documentary “The Game Changers” has really sparked conversation around the “Vegan lifestyle”, with some of the worlds top athletes who live this lifestyle, have you always been vegan?

I have been Vegan for just over 2 years now and I can honestly say is I wish I turned vegan a long time ago to be able to feel these positive effects.


What inspired the change?

The change for me initially came from 2 documentaries (Forks Over Knives & What The Health). I honestly knew nothing about the Vegan lifestyle prior to these documentaries. I wanted to do some fact checking so before jumping right into it I did some other research on my own then I decided to make the full switch. Seeing the effects on the environment, animal welfare and health as a whole it was an easy conscious decision for me to make.


How did this affect your health, fitness, and overall wellbeing?

The initial changes that were obvious in the first month were increased mental clarity and improved sleep. Through this change I also saw an improvement in my cardiovascular regime, which allowed me to push through my workouts harder for much longer periods of time. My overall wellbeing changed as a whole because I essentially view food much differently than I did when I was a non-vegan. I now view food as fuel for my body rather than it’s just time to eat. I like to follow the saying “What’s on your plate is either feeding disease or feeding health.” It keeps me in line when I choose my foods.

How did you overcome the difficulties within the Vegan lifestyle? For instance; Food replacements that don’t affect your desired weight, ordering at restaurants, travelling? Has this been a struggle and how do you overcome those challenges? 

When I first switched to the Vegan lifestyle, I must say I went through a period where I was lost and I was over eating in most of my meals. It was through continuous education that I learned meal planning and food preparation. Myself and my wife Janice actually took a 16-week course to become a Certified Vegan Nutritionist (for personal education only) and through this we gained an abundance of knowledge. Over the course of the 2 years I’ve been vegan, I would say I lost 10 lbs but I was relatively lean prior to the switch anyways so I personally wasn’t worried about weight loss or gain.

Restaurants and travelling was a challenge at first but planning ahead and actually having conversations with the waiters / servers on their food options and choices is a must because the majority of them will have some sort of substitute for you. To overcome these challenges, it all comes down to preparation and that’s not only pre-reading menus online but preparing yourself mentally to be able to ask questions on food options in front of peers.


What is your best piece of advice regarding health and life in general?

Look at health and wellness as a key factor in longevity and remember “what you find at the end of your fork is more powerful than anything you’ll find at the bottom of a pill bottle” 


What advice would todays Jeff Cody give his 20 year old self? 

I would tell myself to stay true to yourself and your beliefs regardless of how people might try to influence you. Remember to always be kind to others and focus on what truly matters to you in life.

If you haven’t watched The Gamechangers, check it out now on www.netflix.com 

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