Last year bright coral was the darling of the design world. Who could resist the shock of pink to rescue us from the long, dreary Winter? A jolt to the system proved to be the perfect remedy to charge into Spring 2019.

But this Season a chillback mood is on the horizon. Forced cheeriness is taking a backseat to  sublime serenity. Dusty green is the couleur au courant (aka …what’s in!). Shades of celery, sage and pistachio are bringing nature into our spaces, with a versatility that’s either a slight pop- of-colour or transforms an entire room. But just like our favorite boy bands of the 90s, there’s a breakout shade that’s being heralded as “the hot one” by design groupies worldwide!

A rich, deep green that’s infused with grey…meet ‘Dusty Olive’, the 2020 color of choice! Palatable in its subtlety, the chameleon-like shade can take centre stage as a low-key neutral that blends well with other colors . An olive sofa anchoring a heavily marbled room seamlessly fits in with Modern Glam when it’s paired with a ballet pink throw. The olive green brings to life the essence of the outdoors and works well alongside strong textures like stone, and metal  without compromising the elevated feel.

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Yet it’s easy to switch the narrative by changing olives’ status from Queen Bee to country mouse. Soft touches by way of curtains, pillows or rugs give a shot of trend to your space without an “I need to gut this place!” reaction ( after realizing the only things green in your house are those shriveled-up limes leftover from the last Margarita night you hosted!). ‘Dusty Olive’ balances more robust tones (like plum and mustard) and can create an eclectic effect if, say…Bohemian Chic is more your cup of tea. Limit the olive to patterned fabrics… either green mixed with white (to keep the style fresh), or monochromatic (which adds aesthetic traction to the room in an understated way).

The main objective is to infuse warmth with color. Not in the bland beigey way, but with more daring…taking a walk on the wild side of nature! Muted green is safe but not boring. It’s a comfortable color that even when used in excess ( on walls or bedding), still creates a sense of calm. Wallpaper on a featured wall in a bedroom or kitchen will add oomph to a neutral space while complimenting any style. Florals work nicely- large,abstract patterns in Modern or Contemporary spaces; busier and/or smaller ones in Traditional homes. A surefire winner for a plethora of tastes, ‘Dusty Olive’ is destined to be the new black of Spring!