In the age of technology, being on our devices is how we spend most of our days. No matter if your day is spent on your phone or laptop, you are exposed to blue light. Blue light from electronics can both damaged skin and your eyes increasing the speed of the ageing process. 

Two very different but very effective products can help reduce the risk and the ageing process caused by blue light. One product that is known by many and has become a recent purchase for many people is blue light glasses. 

Blue light glasses help reduce the impact brought on by your screens, helping block out 35% more blue light waves than without the glasses. These glasses not only help block the light but also helps with fatigue and strain for your eyes. 

Gry Mattr has a wide range and collection of blue light glasses with an almost unlimited range that allows not only comfort and protection but doesn’t compromise style. Joe Mimran is the founder and creator of Gry Mattr, he is known for brands like Club Monaco and Joe Fresh. Joe’s creativity, sharp eye and attention to detail follow him in whichever brand he creates. For Gry Mattr Joe’s passion for art, simplicity and adventure are reflected in each design, and that is what makes his products worth it because they are stylish, throughout and affordable. 

Clever Blue Light $29.99:

Gry Mattr

The vintage square design still allows modernity into the mix. With style as a focus, these glasses are perfect and most stylish. Coming in 4 colours including black and vintage rose the glasses are lightweight and affordable. 

Artistic Blue Light $29.99:

Gry Mattr

The artistic glasses are just that, artsy, fun and stylish. The round glasses are both vintage looks and also one of the most popular styles around (no pun intended). At just $29 the crystal clear frame with keeping you safe while looking good. 

The other product that might not be as familiar as the blue light glasses is the Blue Light Mist from Omy Laboratories. This blue light mist acts as a shield to protect your skin from the harm in which the light adds to the ageing process. Omy Laboratoires knows that blue light can cause oxidative stress, which can lead to inflammation and collagen degeneration. Knowing that, O My has created a mist that will protect your skin. 

Blue Light Mist $34.95:

Omy Laboratories

The mist is gentle on all skin types and is loaded with antioxidants, leaving a green tea scent. The antioxidants allow for the skin to be protected and help with the decrease of inflammation and collagen degeneration. The mist is 100% vegan and has 98% natural origin ingredients. 

Using both products like Gry Mattr’s blue light glasses and Oh My Laboratoires blue light mist will protect your skin and eyes from the harm and damage that is caused by prolonged use of electronics. 

 Article published by HOLR Magazine