Matt Damon and Casey Affleck play “Boston’s Most Wanted, and Least Qualified”

June 14, 2024– Apple TV+ has just dropped the official trailer for the new upcoming film “The Instigators”, starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck.

In the past six hours, the official trailer has gained close to one million views on YouTube.

The Instigators Trailer

The movie revolves around Rory (Damon) and Cobby (Affleck), two unlikely partners who try to commit a heist that goes awry and are forced to dodge cops and mobsters.

Although Damon is more likely seen working with Casey’s older brother and real-life best friend Ben Affleck, this is not the first time the pair have worked together.AppleTV+ drops trailer for new film "The Instigators"

The Instigators Cast

Damon and Casey Affleck have worked together in seven films, including Academy Award Winning “Good Will Hunting”, which Damon and both Afflecks starred in.AppleTV+ drops trailer for new film "The Instigators"

The latest triumph for the pair is their roles in “Oppenheimer”, which won seven Oscars this year.

Ben Affleck Movies

Ben Affleck’s most recent role was in “Air”, which he also directed.

Recent reports of Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez have been rocky after a source told Entertainment Tonight that they have been living separate lives but are not separated.

“The Instigators” additionally has starred in supporting roles, with “Sons of Anarchy” Ron Perlman and rapper Jack Harlow joining the cast.AppleTV+ drops trailer for new film "The Instigators"

Perlman has been in at least 96 movies over the years and has appeared in various stage plays.

His most recent film “The Retirement Plan” from 2023, made $745,000 in box office sales against an approximate $20 million budget.

Harlow’s acting career is seemingly taking off, as this will be his second film to star in after “White Men Can’t Jump” from 2023.

The Instigators Release Date

Fans can expect to see “The Instigators” on the expected release date, August 2, 2024.

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