The gaming landscape is one that is constantly changing and updating. There are always new games coming out and new formats for people to try. 

Slot games have always been one of the most popular games to play online and in person. Sites like Virgin Games are always updating their top games such as Jackpot King to improve their gameplay. 

There are always new trends and updates we can expect to see on these popular games. We’ve made a list of some of the biggest trends you can look out for when you’re playing slot games this year. 

Slot gaming trends for this year 

  • Artificial Intelligence

The one thing we keep seeing everywhere is artificial intelligence. We see it across everything – not just the entertainment sector. It seems like this technology is setting itself up for being the next big thing. 

There’s a lot of fear around artificial intelligence, but there are lots of positives to be taken from it. When used in the right way, artificial intelligence can be a really useful tool. It can take all of the mundane jobs that people don’t enjoy and do them for you.

Artificial intelligence can be used to get to know the players in order to show them games that they enjoy playing. It’s a really helpful way to ensure that players have an experience that they’re looking for, instead of suggesting the same games to everyone. 

  • Personalisation 

This leads us on to the idea of personalisation in gaming. Even though it’s great that there are so many games out there for people to choose from, it can be exhausting to trawl through things that we might not enjoy. 

It can be so annoying to go through hundreds of games, that people might just give up entirely and do something else instead. It’s the same issue that streaming services faced. There were so many shows to choose from that people ended up watching the same ones over and over.

Streaming services did what gaming services are now doing. They used AI to look at what people are watching and what they seemed to enjoy and suggested something similar. And that’s what we can see gaming services doing now. 

Having a gaming service that seems like it’s being tailor made for you is going to make it feel personal. It’s the same as a friend recommending a game to you. The site will take the information it has and try to suggest something you like. 

It’s not just the games either. They might suggest different types of promotions or offers that you might like. This helps online casinos keep their customers on their site rather than go somewhere new. 

  • Social gaming

Even though gaming online is great for those who want to be able to game on the go, it does come with its downsides. Land based casinos used to be a hive of activity and a great place for people to socialise as well as game.

However, that all got lost when everything moved online. We can expect to see online casinos bring back the ideal of social gaming. This can be done in a number of different ways.

There are already games that have chat rooms attached where people can talk to other players in the game. We also have live casinos that are becoming more popular as there is a more human element to them. 

But we can also expect to see a merging of social networking and gaming to become social gaming. This will encourage people to socialise when they game and bring back the feeling of community that was lost when everything moved online.

  • Focus on transparency 

It can feel like misinformation is rife out there, especially on the internet. This is another area where we can expect to see some changes for online casinos. People are looking for more transparency when they’re gaming.

They want to know how the games work, and how likely they are to win these games. Of course, the RTP rate is already available to everyone who plays a game online. But people are looking for more information and transparency when playing these games. 

Artificial intelligence is lending a hand here too. Gaming companies can use AI tools to help them determine fairness within their games. 

  • Virtual casinos 

Even though online casinos are trying to maximise their social gaming, it’s not always possible to have everyone back in one room again. That’s where the idea of virtual casinos comes into play. 

Virtual reality headsets are now widely available and will become more commonplace as time goes on. Therefore, creating a virtual casino where people can game and hang out sounds like the next logical step in the gaming world. 

Gaming is going to continue to evolve and change with the times to make it more fun for everyone. What kind of changes would you like to see implemented?

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