In honour of GOOP’s latest and greatest product, founder Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple Martin gives us an inside GOOP (see what I did there?) of her morning routine and how she uses the new GOOPGLOW. 

At just 16 years old it is no surprise that Apple is taking after her mother and making sure that her skin is being taken care of, that way she can look young, hydrated and radiant for years to come. With this, she uses only the best, which is created and used by her mother. 

Showing the world of GOOP how she gets ready, including a long list of social media and text messages she needs to check before getting out of bed, she finally walks us through her routine; cleanser, GLOW lotion, sunscreen (in that order). “Since I have very dry skin, the Glow Lotion is so nice—it keeps me hydrated but not oily. It’s super lightweight.” 

GOOP is known to be one of the most competitive product lines around, and not just because Gwyneth Paltrow created it. GOOP uses spirulina enzyme and light-harvesting protein with vitamin C antioxidant and kakadu plus for that extra glow. These ingredients help sink right in that way you have all-day moisturization. 

GOOP is known to be clinically proven and uses best-in-class ingredients. GOOPGLOW has skin-boosting ingestibles and body essentials that are luxurious and help deliver the most high-performing results, to create smooth, hydrated skin in weeks. GOOP prides itself on using safe but powerful products, which means no parabens, petroleum, phthalates, silicones or dyes, which they also DO NOT test on animals. 

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As an animal lover, Apple Martin gives her fellow GOOP users a look at her morning routine, which is alongside her dog. Some days she wears 90’s inspired makeup and others she just needs to GLOW. At just 16 she not only knows how to troll her mother when talking about her famous brand, but she makes a mean iced coffee “I love to make coffee in a French press; if I have time, I froth it with cinnamon and nutmeg using a hand frother, then pour it over ice. I don’t love hot coffee.” As a busy 16-year old doing zoom class, filming GOOP routine videos and making a mean avocado toast, it’s no surprise that GOOP GLOW is part of all this, and makes her feel and stay hydrated all day long.