Gwyneth Paltrow California guesthouse is listed on Airbnb

Gwyneth Paltrow is partnering with Airbnb with the goal of making “the world a little less lonely.” Paltrow will be introducing her Montecito guesthouse for a night starting on August 15th at 10am PST. Paltrow posted a video on her Instagram introducing her guesthouse, providing a tour and describing a night at her guesthouse.

Gwyneth Paltrow's guesthouse

Image Credit: AIRBNB

The Oscar-winning film and television star begins her Instagram caption saying, “Loneliness is a human condition, but in the past few years, increased isolation and our lack of community has made our lives even more fragmented.  @airbnb had the brilliant idea of doing something to make the world a little less lonely, which is why I’m inviting you to come stay at my Montecito guesthouse for a night.”


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Social media users call out Airbnb and Gwyneth Paltrow’s inability to address loneliness

People in the comments were not happy with this partnership. Social media users questioned this initiative as they do not understand how this one-night stay could help with one suffering from loneliness. One person wrote, “How about Air bnb and celebrities partner to buy a building in LA and turn it into a homeless shelter which will really impact the loneliness in the world of LA.”

Another commentator receiving over 400 likes wrote, “Who could ever afford to stay there? Gwen, this is instagram where normal civilians who can barely make rent each month, let alone eat…socialize. I mean you’re target market is probably celebrities and rich people like yourself. Most of us could only dream to visit a fraction of a house of what you live in.”

The price to experience a night at Paltrow’s guesthouse is currently listed at $0 as booking is not available until August 15th.

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