It’s the fashion moments we remember from our favourite music videos, and the artists whose red carpet looks were always talked about for years to follow, that defines the essence for what it means to dress for pop culture.

While looking to see what melded fashion and music together, I was particularly interested in observing both the musicians being dressed by CTV’s ‘The Launch’ stylist Lisa Williams, in order to see what pieces they gushed over.  

Jayde fits under the category of current and contemporary pop with ease. Her attitude blends seamlessly with the looks Lisa created within this genre. The first pop look Jayde modeled was unique due to the contrast between the style of clothes and the material chosen. A two-piece set paired with all-white sneakers was a different yet completely appropriate match. 

Two-Piece: Greta Constantine |   Shoes: Over The Rainbow

Sticking with sequins, Lisa has taken the trend one step further to full glam with a dress that incorporates a body suit and tastefully exposes one leg, paired this time with heels.

Dress: Greta Constantine | Shoes: Nordstrom

HOLR: Explain how you use fashion to give a visual to your personality?

Jayde: Well, I like to wear bright colours or pair certain pieces together that most wouldn’t think to show that it’s super cool to stand out.

Vincent Darby was the perfect persona for a chilled out pop look. Lisa chose contrasting colours, adding dimension to a look that uses what we refer to as “basics”. Vincent was especially drawn to the waterproof track pants that added texture and again, elevated a casual trouser.

Entire Outfit: Nordstrom

An ensemble that uses mostly black serves as the perfect, sleek look for a pop musician. Keeping it interesting, Lisa opted for a black bomber with a sequin detailed backside and a fun graphic tee.

Entire Outfit: GotStyle

HOLR: Explain how you use fashion to give a visual to your personality?

Vincent: I choose my fashion to show my personality as its the first thing you see on a person. I believe that the clothes you wear say a lot about you in terms of the colour, cut and material. I’m not a fan of wearing pieces you see out on the street all the time, I prefer slightly bolder selects because I like to stand out.

Stay tuned next week for a new genre of looks, and don’t miss Episode 2 of  CTV’s The Launch!

Catch the BTS of shoot day, here.