From the most practical to the most stylish—here are the perfect winter boots of the season.

The Perfect Winter Boots

The dilemma of wearing winter boots out of practicality or style remains true to most of us. How does one walk through heaps of snow whilst looking like the most fashionable version of thyself? Truthfully, dressing up in winter—especially in the cold brazen Toronto—is a hard one to execute. Firstly, the art of layering is not an accessible lesson most people learn and master, that’s why picking the right accessories for a winter outfit is key to staying on top of the style game. From the jacket, hats, scarves and of course, the boots— all of this matters if you do not want to exert too much effort on anything else. It could be one or the other and since we have already done endless talks of which puffer jacket is better etcetera etcetera, it’s finally time to move on to the winter footwear sphere. 

What constitutes the perfect winter boots, you ask? Well, since living in the North made us susceptible to harsh winters and thus making us experts in winter outerwear, ideally, the perfect winter boots should have insulation, grip and they should be waterproof. From a Torontonian perspective, the tried and true winter boots most people love are Blundstone. If you know, you know. Blundstones are severely practical both in terms of wearability and style. It practically goes well with anything. 

However, if you’re one to venture out and try other styles of winter boots then fret not, I’ve got you covered!

Puffer Boots

The Perfect Winter Boots

Photo Credit: The North Face

The puffer style does not only cover jackets. The trend has trickled down and influenced footwear too. Puffer boots can be seen in brands like Sorel, The North Face and Hunter. This style of winter boots is practical for its insulating properties and is also cute in a snow bunny type of way. The North Face ThermoBall zip bootie is probably less snow bunny type and more of an (accessible) subversive style. It’s warm, easy to wear and will instantly make you look cool. What’s not to like? To go above and beyond the snow bunny aesthetic though, go with the Moon Boot; it’s gaudy, futuristic, and gives off 80s ski mom! Again, what’s not to like?! The Moon Boot has been the IT boot for a while that Chloe released a collaboration with them. So if you want the 80s ski mom vibe but elevated, then maybe go with that one. 

The Ugg Revival

The Perfect Winter Boots

Photo Credit: UGG

Before Blundstone, there was Ugg; also known as the universal boots of choice for women. Eventually, this trend phased out at the end of the 2010s but now it’s making a strong comeback with the Classic Novelty Ugg. The difference though is that instead of punishing your feet with snow-soaked Ugg, the brand has remade the classic with the addition of a plastic outer layer making it (finally) water-resistant. 

More Practical, Less Glitzy But Still Stylish

The Perfect Winter Boots

Photo Credit: GANT

This is for the minimalism type of girlies. If the gaudiness (read: fashion-forward) is not for you then that’s okay, you’re still valid. The ideal boots for you may be water-resistant leather Chelsea boots. GANT’s modern Chelsea boots are great for their lug sole and calf-length style and Marc Fisher’s Iggie boots provide extra warmth with its shearling lining. Meanwhile, Rag & Bone’s Shiloh waterproof boots are cool enough to make a statement in your outfit.

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