Is Lala Kent going to be on The Valley?

The Valley Cast

June 21, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @stephwithdadeets, there is a new blind item about Lala Kent alleging that the Vanderpmup Rules star now wants to be on The Valley.


Dear Bravo, we dont want Lauren on the Valley or VPR. K, thanks. #vanderpumprules #lalakent #thevalley #bravotv #scheanashay #realitytv #celebritygossip #blinditems #drama #vpr #greenscreen

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As the blind item alleges, Lala Kent is the alleged subject of a claim in which she reportedly has been “nonstop texting and calling producers to add her to the other bar show” (The Valley).

Although there is no concrete evidence to support this blind item, the TikToker claims that she “definitely believes this.” The TikToker alleges that Lala and Scheana have been seemingly trying to get on The Walley as they bought Valley homes next to each other.

The TikToker goes on to state that this could be their backup plan as the other Vanderpump Rules castmates have restaurant or bar endeavors and Ariana has been hosting shows and keeping busy following Scandoval. However, the TikToker claims that the duo could be struggling following their appearance on Vanderpump Rules season 11. “They were so produced, so fake,” states that TikToker, in regards to how they presented themselves on the show’s latest sesason.

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What are your thoughts on these alleged blind item claim allegedly about Lala Kent?

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